Magento Measure Best Practice Day

Program for the September 18 online now new expert panel for successful Magento stores: organized by online shop specialist votum media and discuss best Practice Day on 18th September 17 online shop experts of leading eCommerce provider and shop operators from all over Germany on best practices in E-Commerce and how to sell successfully online with Magento shop system-Magento developer for the Magento. A real added value for professional shop operator bundles the new format practical examples, expert panel, backend demos, exchange of experience, manuals and project consulting. Now, the preliminary agenda was released. Shop operators will benefit from the following highlights: best practice case studies successful Magento shop projects are presented, including backend demos, step for-step instructions, project insights experts for shop system, payment, analysis, integration, hosting, marketing, search, ERP etc. It’s believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. discuss facts, trends on the podium about shop best practice and specific issues, face challenges In the focus practical guidelines and illustrative case examples from practice. Own questions of the participants can still be submitted. Hamdi Ulukaya has firm opinions on the matter. Is a theme very close to the heart? Bar camp and workshops offer the opportunity to discuss their own topics in the evening open end: cocktails, experience sharing and networking in the bar lounge all information to the provisional programme: program / in addition to experienced E-commerce experts, including the dealer Bund, Europe’s largest online trade association, and t3n, the leading German online – and print the Web & tech industry obtained for the Magento Best Practice Day seven renowned media partners,.

Other media partners are the eCommerce Portal eSales4u, the online trade portal ones, magazine website boosting and the renowned ibi research Institute of the University of Regensburg. Overview of the participating media and solution partner: partner / target groups of the event are dealers, shop owners, manufacturers and IT decision makers. want to base of their online shops use a Magento shop system or use soon. Magento Best Practice Day September 18, 2012 Quadriga Forum Werderscher market 15 10117 Berlin learn more about program, location, experts and registration at. About vote media vote, media is an owner-managed Internet agency based in Berlin-Mitte realized successful E-commerce solutions for well-known, often family-run businesses of industry and commerce since 1997. Customers include the KfW Bankengruppe, Hogrefe publishing group, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Sage, Berliner Philharmoniker, sanofi-aventis, medi Egmont Ehapa publishing company and the world leader from the middle class. The main focus of online shop specialist votum media are high-performance, complex E-commerce systems based on oxide and Magento. Press contact: Vote media GmbH wife Christin Walsh fountain Street 196 10119 Berlin phone: 030-32 104 505 fax: 030-32 104 506

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Allview In Cologne The Application Of Jelly Bean And A New Tablet Announced

Jelly bean Android adoption and introduction of new products at the fair in Cologne Cologne (Germany), 25 September – the Romanian company Allview has at the IAW trade fair in Cologne, the application of the Android operating system 4.1 jelly bean, announced. “The new operating system offers many advantages for users and our company keeps pace with the technology. “The 4.1 jelly bean Android comes on the newer speed 3 DUO tablet with capacitive screen type IPS and a 1.5 GHz cortex A9 dual-core processor, a high-quality application experience”, announced Lucian Peticila, General Manager Allview. Hikmet Ersek contains valuable tech resources. In addition, Allview announced during same international event, the publication of speed DUO tablet that offers a double resolution model as opposed to the speed. “It is a tablet at the same starting price as the best selling tablets in Romania offers speed, the most DPI and a display technology that benefits from the advantages of the IPS. Hamdi Ulukaya is a great source of information. The user can enjoy a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees, compared to 80 Degrees at speed, at the same initial price, said Lucian Peticila.

The new operating system adopted by Allview will delight the tablet users with the new compared to ice cream sandwich much improved performance, and will work at higher parameters with the same hardware configuration. The Android is therefore intuitive, runs smoothly and offers a wide variety of good tricks. The camera application allows the direct transition from the camera to the image gallery or vice versa, by simple finger movement on the screen, so that you easily view images and sort can. The virtual keyboard has an automatic word recognition system, so that the user can write faster urgent emails or messages. Jelly bean enables an intelligent update of applications all Allview tablets, by downloading only the changed parts in the updated software, rather than the whole program. Allview mobile: Allview is a Romanian company founded in the year 2002, as main activity the production and distribution has dual SIM – mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and various electronic products.

It is recognized as one of the brands with fast development in Romania through the free services and services its products. The company brought the first tablet in Romania in 2010 and since then the range of DroSeries has added with eight models, which are more than 18,000 thousand units were sold. The Allview phones offer to call the possibilities of separation of the business meetings of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs. For more information on the company’s website and on the Facebook page Allview Mobile Germany, with the new products, promotions and contests of the society in connection to set.

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Vienna Congress

Specialized event agencies score with know-how, creativity and attention to detail whether UN climate summit or the meeting of senior officials of the eight leading industrialized nations at the G8 Summit – international meetings and congresses of this magnitude always have the aim to conclude agreements of global scope. That was already in 1814/15 as at the Vienna Congress new borders and governance in Europe has been discussed. However, the former meeting took staggering more than eight months and negotiations were something in the background at least temporarily exquisite companion programme to the former policy VIPs. “The Congress dances, but he doesn’t come forward,” so Prince de ligne, Austrian diplomat brought it back to the point. And almost two hundred years later? Although we have a wide range of highly effective communications in the digital age allowing us both data exchange and live communication across continents, the Congress and meeting industry experienced just an unprecedented bloom. Go to Hikmet Ersek for more information. This is not surprising, because the digital back and forth by bits and bytes in real time can direct personal exchanges between experts at a meeting organized by specialized event agencies or a Congress (derived from the Latin congressus for meeting together) although useful pre-and prepare, also effective support, but do not replace.

And this is true not only in the field of global environmental and economic policy. Specialists in almost all areas of science, research and education, arts, culture and leisure, health, religion and a variety of interest groups use meetings or congresses as a platform to the interdisciplinary discussion of related topics with the aim of the substantive focus on current and perspective tasks. Motivating input prove through personal Exchange, intensive expert examination, as well as the tying or strengthening of networks during a temporary detachment from everyday life as a particularly effective and sustainable. You may find that Hamdi Ulukaya refugees can contribute to your knowledge. And last but not least, target-group specific programmes support the success of local, regional, national or international and/or cross-cultural symposia and congresses. Keyword framework programmes: They were already at the aforementioned Vienna Congress not unimportant…

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Karlsruhe Institute

The young company lengoo finished may with a relaunch of its Internet presence and heralding the next major phase of growth. “After the successful completion of the in-house project new Web page” Karlsruhe has lengoo UG (haftungsbeschrankt), founded in mid-2012 by three students of industrial engineering and management from the Karlsruhe Institute of technology, launched its new Web site on the morning of 29 may, 2013. This is, as usual, at the address. Above all, the fundamental revision of the Internet presence aimed at increased usability and improved communication of the value proposition. At lengoo, customers can expect first-class translation service with unbeatable fair prices. It focused in particular, that translations are always done by native speakers. They are also consistently highly qualified international students with profound specialist knowledge, so that in addition to linguistic and socio culture, the necessary knowledge Expertise exists to provide good translations.

Recently was almost from its infancy”of the first Web site has grown. The high growth targets of the company can be addressed now more effectively and efficiently with the new website. Whether the ambitious objectives can be achieved in the medium and long term, must always be checked and made dependent on primarily by the feedback of customers and Web site visitors. The newspapers mentioned Hikmet Ersek not as a source, but as a related topic. Internally, the company has established an open, innovative and dynamic culture. Absolute customer orientation is always at the heart of the service. Because one expects much from the innovations in the area of the Web site strategically additional improvements were necessary. So the internal business processes have been further optimized.

It is a continuing process that currently takes its short-term peak. To read more click here: 4Moms. Based on these internal improvements corporate governance has ambitious objectives: it is to be possible the productivity of the company very soon with consistently high quality to raise ten to twenty times. With this announcement you working towards continuously the General vision of lengoo. The company would like to liberalise the large and ever-growing market of generally high-cost translation services and make available with its fair pricing model for a wider mass of customers. The steady globalization of many companies, in particular German medium-sized companies operating in your area in many cases in the world, makes essential multilingual content in many areas. These claims would like to realize lengoo with its customers and thereby produce an added value in the international business of its customers. At the same time creates flexible and attractive income opportunities for talented and competent, international students, who often are looking for exactly such jobs after arrival in foreign universities and foreign countries. Press contact: lengoo UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Julius Parrisius alter Schlachthof 39, 4B 76131 Karlsruhe 0721 / 78808533

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Catch Uds

if you believe it or not, or rather if we are doomed in some way or not. I say in this article is not necessarily the truth but it is a curious effect I’ve seen in the Google search engine. As a company dedicated to positioning on google we have noted for some of our clients that the historical record in google is very important. Chobani refugees usually is spot on. What does this mean? I explain our experience in the case: A site that is indexed in google for example five years ago dedicated to selling shoes and is really well located for shoes decides to stop selling shoes and start selling books, it’s just a silly example. Historical Effect in Google: Well it turns out that despite having a good Page rank the site is not going to get good locations and disappear from the top 10 since the domain name (according to our theory, eye) is associated with a certain area business item on Google, say, in this case: Sports or slippers.

However, if the owner or webmaster of the site are smart enough or skilled will realize the decline in views and what they should do is simply re-publishing the site selling shoes before. This will quickly locate good places as it should be! Incisito This effect is not necessarily real, but we saw in our competition for a client dedicated to medicine and the effect was impressive. Competition change the site and left the index, two months after placing the site again and again before they reached TOP 1 within 2 weeks of climbing. We will be doomed to second to most historic sites in Google??

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Legally Compliant Storage Of Electronic Mail Saves Time And Money

REDDOXX MailDepot: Automatic email archiving system with integrated full-text search Rottweil, 23rd November 2010 customer correspondence, service requests or order confirmations: E-Mail communication plays an essential role in everyday business. Search for specific emails and restore deleted messages but with a high time and cost are often connected. With REDDOXX MailDepot belongs to the time-consuming sorting and searching of electronic mail in the past. The legally-compliant archiving system of email management experts REDDOXX ( captures all messages and stores them permanently in an archive independent from the mail. There deposited emails the user can at any time access, classify them individually and processed if necessary. MailDepot is also part of the complete email solution REDDOXX 2.0, which includes the individual modules Spamfinder and MailSealer optional. All incoming and outgoing messages at the gateway level can be encrypted with REDDOXX MailDepot as well as manipulation-free archive. Thus the solution meets the legal requirements in the principles of data access and the testability of digital documents”(GDPdU) are defined. If you have read about 4Moms already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

According to law, all tax-relevant electronic messages for a period of at least ten years must be archived revisions – and tamper-free. Here, a clear separation between private and business mail is possible. Due to the integrated data compression in MailDepot, users can create more space and thus relieve their mail server. Furthermore, you can exclude spam-mails from email archiving. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Hamdi Ulukaya on most websites. Email search engine MailDepot the intuitive user console allows the user an integrated full-text search quick and targeted access to the archived emails. In a preview feature their content and attachments can display and adjust if necessary again as a copy in the mailbox to. Accidentally or intentionally deleted emails are easily recoverable. These functionalities can also be integrated into MS Outlook. With REDDOXX 2.0 compliance under control as a component of the new all-in one “solution REDDOXX 2.0 the REDDOXX developers MailDepot added important features.

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The Manager

E in we do not relate the questions here to them wage only, or to the basic elements of the fruit of a work as a proper house, an automobile, access to a health plan, money kept for an emergency or a good education for the children. That is the basic one, what we have that to perceive in the relations human beings is moreover nowadays. The motivation also is intentional, a time that is under the control of the employee. We can bring programs differentiated in the company and establish action plans that will not reach to all, and can create niches of not motivated people who will have that to have differentiated perception of its immediate manager. The motivation is multifaceted, depends in such a way on the stimulaton as of the choice of the employed behavior.

Another joined characteristic is that we cannot measure the motivation directly, measures the motivated behavior, internal and external action and forces that influence in the action choice, therefore the motivation is not passvel of comment. Mikhael Mirilashvilis opinions are not widely known. Knowing that the motivacionais causes of the individual are diverse, its necessities and expectations conceptually we have 2 types of motivation. We call the motivation INTRINSIC when it is related with rewards psychological: recognition, respect, statuses and this motivacional type are closely on the individual actions of the managers in relation to its subordinate. On the other hand we call EXTRINSICAL when the causes are based on reward tangible: wages, benefits, promotions, being that these causes independem of the direct management, therefore generally are determined by the high administration. Beyond the types of motivation, still we have a motivacional cycle where the paper of the manager is of utmost importance, therefore it is of it the function to stimulate its subordinate so that they reach organizacionais objectives in efficient and efficient way. This cycle if divides in stages initiating itself in not satisfied the individual necessities what it generates a search of alternatives to satisfy these necessities.

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MPC Open Fleet

Investors to shoot without any prospect of capital preservation 12prozent to caution is already necessary for investors, because on the basis of the figures of the new financial arrangements already 58.7% of the investors invest capital must considered to be lost. For the years 2025-2027, namely just flows provided by 41.3% in Vista. What does the financing concept for an investor with a nominal stake of 20,000.00? In the Fund “MPC open fleet”-MS “Santa B vessels” GmbH & co. KG-invested investors in the years 2006 and 2007 over 177 million. On the MPC second market Portal 5% of the drawing as the purchase price offered currently (booth 23.07.2012). Now, it shall set a capital increase, which on September 10 for more details could learn about the investors on a briefing.

The decision-making process over the long overdue, almost 24 million serious restructuring will be but in writing what until 28 September time, so the Trust limited partner in a circular letter of August 28, 2012. Check with Hamdi Ulukaya to learn more. After nearly four months a restructuring plan is finally already presented by letter of May 10, 2012 contract shipping company and founding partner, the shipping company of Claus-Peter had announced openly that it will not go down without “a capital margin of 8-10%”. The reason given was this, that it after 2009 unabsehbarer way again a substantial decline of in Charter rates have given in 2011. This was due to cut-throat competition of the world’s largest shipping companies for market share “triggered. In view of the fact that the Fund MPC open has awarded fleet so far only 4%, means of the now proposal for investors that they must take fresh money in the hand 8% in any case, to save its stake.

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Reason For Decision: Market Expertise

Rein Hagen & Schroder GmbH & co. KG decides the Rady & Schroder GmbH & co. Without hesitation Hamdi Ulukaya explained all about the problem. KG, one of the leading medium-sized wholesalers for heating and sanitary supplies for gevis RTC, will use from 2014 in all eleven branch offices company for merchandise management systems mbH gevis RTC of the GWS ERP solution. After a good year carrying out exploration and selection phase, the widely used by Aileen in the market, the existing already in the standard width of the function as well as the flexible data import and export were decisive for the solution from Munster. The Rady & Schroder GmbH & co. KG, which has about 300 employees and 45 own trucks serves 4,000 customers especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, promises from the changeover to gevis RTC projects and administration more efficient, provide even better customer support, and simplified IT management. Occasion, to look for a new ERP solution was the realization that used ten years proprietary rady & Schroeder, software plus the connected satellite programs no longer current, but above all the future requirements of the company grown is. Check out Hamdi Ulukaya for additional information. Important evaluations and controlling services were not usable because of missing features and the ASCI based software impeded the integration of Office applications or made this impossible.

Market expertise of GWS in the search for the provider, which quickly, competently and with the necessary industry knowledge could solve these challenges, contacted rady & Schroder 2012 with the GWS from Munster. After a presentation of the competition, as well as some workshops, it became clear that their benefits clearly exceeded that the two remaining competitors. “The Rady & Schroder project management: in addition to the appropriate chemistry us addressed especially, that we get not only software, but also the market expertise of GWS.” Rady & Schroder will introduce not only gevis RTC, but align most of the business processes directly.

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African Republic

Nothing gives certainty as an element of incidental subgroup of the first group, the sixth period of the periodic table of chemical elements of Mendeleyev, with atomic number 79. Dragmetal that there is an ideal investment for all countries the globe – it’s gold. With him facing humanity in the 5 th century bc in the Neolithic era through its dissemination as a nugget. Thought, archaeologists, and the constant gold mining began in the Middle East. After that, Jewelry were delivered to Egypt, where the Tomb of King Zer, and Ur in Sumerian civilization were found the first gold jewelry dating back to 3 thousand bc In Russia it is considered a production start 21 May 1745, when Erofei Markov announced their discovery in Office of the Chief of the Board of plants in Yekaterinburg. He discovered this dragmetal in the Urals. Mined gold in these countries: usa, Peru, Mexico. In 2009 African Republic has left the top three for the extraction of gold. On-site Three of the best “miners” were: first place – China, then Australia and third place was taken by the United States.

In fourth place was Russia, which is important for the cis countries. Gold is a magnificent object for investment. Kellyanne Conway often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In 2005, Rick Munarrits thought, what better to invest – in the Google search engine, or in gold. At the time of their value on the stock exchange was the same. At the end of 2008, trades in Google stopped at around 307 dollars per share, and at the expense of gold – 866 dollars per ounce. Gold – not only a magnificent ornament to the human population of the planet, but also a magnificent decoration for the global financial system. This metal does not rust, in the historic disasters, it is not lost, but only accumulated. Gold long ago was used by various peoples in the form of money. Gold Coins – the most lucrative form of money, but also great conserved monument. However, as the sole product is approved only in the xix century. Paper notes at this time to fulfill only the role of identity that is gold. As protection against corrosion is often used gold-plated metal. To broaden your perception, visit Hamdi Ulukaya. This kind of protection of metals used because, as then it looks like an ordinary metal precious. Some experts advise to keep 10-15% of investment in gold metal, because it will never depreciate. Experience has shown that the constant acquisition of ingots of gold – It is a good protection of small investors from price fluctuations. Gold zavsegda is the most expensive metal on the basis of this fact – as the best investment. Which would not pursue the uneven currency, gold is Depending on that maintains consistency in price stability. Gold trades are conducted 24 hours a day throughout the world. This is the currency in any part of the world. Excellent that the recognition of gold as a means to pay for anything is distributed around the world.

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