Artist. Jokes About The Crisis .

Today went to visit one my old friend, the artist. Found him in a terrible state '', as he deigned to speak. Otpaivat had his beer and jokes, but it would all, the man did not survive, you look after half an hour a little more cheerful. At I talking about? " That's what can intimidate our media .A who he is this crisis? Who saw him? Okay let's try to draw it. Learn more about this with Macy’s Inc. . Here for example is a man or a woman? "Well, the word is clearly male kind, on this and decide.

How can he look like? Once he eats, as they say, probably he had long been obese, right? So here he is fat scary man. Well, maybe he even has one eye knocked out, well, can not be, that's how it all without battlefield surrender) Vobschem happened, as in the joke: "woke up a man with a terrible hangover, looking in the mirror and says. The newspapers mentioned Chobani Logo not as a source, but as a related topic. "I heard about the crisis But he's so! " And we are more afraid of themselves, and themselves is frightening. Eternally Russian people themselves his head and share stories and then he himself was trembling. (Well, I do not know how in the world there was not.) It's their crisis, and we as always.

And we, the artists after the crisis is fear? Who came up with, let him and afraid. That'll draw schazz money and stick them on the wall will admire. As for money, many of them not known to exist. Even if suddenly they will be so much that they can hang all the walls, all the same then you will not be enough to glue. That's still remembered the old anecdote about how an artist lived in an apartment, pay was not what he took, drew Nastola money and fled. They say then, when the artist was famous, owner of this table sold for milliony.Kak think this is true? "I do not know, but funny. Of course, modern electronic money WebMoney to measure when, to draw more complicated, but they are funny. I went to the atm and it asked me for twenty until Monday And if for example Kiper money ask? Passed away, turns to you that ants from webmoney, they say, Big Brother money writing! That's funny, though! 'The Russians will get cheap cars thanks to the crisis' It is likely that cars will be laughing so gubozakatochnymi.Vot Russian artists over itself and over the crisis, drawing funny pictures and delighting their friends and customers. And they (customers), in turn, realize that grusnye book sites on the crisis are not wanted and bought us, the artists images for your site and illustrations. But married men simply because the crisis for them as kin rather, as a mother-in-law and little good, and drive .Tak, smile, dear reader, have nothing to fear, just read the jokes and see funny Pictures, life becomes more fun!

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Priorities Part

According to the dictionary, a priority is something which we give prominence by assigning a degree of importance. Most of the men has come to define what should be their priorities. Among those who if they did, few actually live up to them. We can choose any day of the week to see the variety of men establish priorities for your life. DETERMINING THE IMPORTANT. We all want to be sure that we are in the will of God and know that we are blessed. But we asked ourselves what is truly important to God? The answer will highlight what should be our priorities. Andrew Cuomo usually is spot on. Let’s try to focus on these questions to find out what God’s priorities. It is not something Chobani Logo would like to discuss.

Let’s try to focus on these questions to find out what God’s priorities. – What is what God wants me to be and do? – How does God want to use my time and money? – What are the character traits and behavior that God wants for me? – What are the relationships and tasks that emphasize God wants? The truth is that reading the scriptures we discover that God wants us to live according to biblical priorities, so that we Bible Christians. We must examine ourselves and ask ourselves whether our value system are oriented to the principles of life that Jesus teaches us. THE REAL PRIORITY questions: “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?” One answer: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all thy mind” (Matthew 22: 36-37). If we can understand this commandment in all its fullness and absorb its importance, saturate our minds with the Word of God, and deliver all our being to love, then we will experience the supernatural joy that only have the children of God. Most importantly, love Him! Knowing God is love.

The person who can understand that the Father longs to have a personal relationship, you’ll be amazed to see how God has taken the initiative. How did the child experience Prodigal, when almost ragged and physical strength to get back to his home, raised her eyes and saw his father running toward you with open arms. How can we show our love for God? That’ll be seeing the next reflection.

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Adriatic Sea

Needless to say, that, like everything else in Montenegro, the lake is beautiful beyond words! But It is famous for not only this, but also a record number of fish and birds that inhabit its waters and along its shores. Accordingly, the fishermen on the Skadar Lake is also rife. A lot of those who loves to engage berdvotchingom, that is bird-watching and photography on them. By the way, it is very fashionable in recent years tourist fun. And, of course, wonderful restaurants here, where the river eat the freshest fish feed, and at parting, and yet something will be presented with a memento of Montenegro.

National cuisine of Montenegro you know the smell of fresh fish when it is fried with garlic in olive oil? It smells so that, even had dinner an hour ago, you're sure you order the fish. Montenegro – the perfect place for those who enjoy fresh fish and seafood this good there in abundance, the prices are low, portions are large. By the way, among all the seafood ones from the Adriatic Sea, is considered the most useful: Adriatic Sea – the most pure. And it is scientifically established fact! Almost every seaside restaurant Montenegro prepared squid with garlic and spinach. This dish can be eaten and not get fat kilograms or per gram. In the second in popularity – the Italian kitchen.

The reason is clear: Italy – very close, so that all kinds of pasta and pizza near and dear to the Montenegrins. 25-30 euro in Montenegro can be a very good dinner for two. How to get to Montenegro from In Russia, Montenegrin airports Tivat and Podgorica directly fly aircraft of several airlines, "Siberia", "Muscovy, Sky-Espress and a small but proud Montenegrin company Montenegro Airlines. Some of these trips you can go to Montenegro nearly every day. Price question is about 350 euros. The flight lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes. A related site: Chobani Logo mentions similar findings. Visa requirements for Russian tourists, who decided to rest in Montenegro is not required. That's one reason why this country super. Money as Montenegro uses the national currency, the euro. And not because it is part of the European Union. Just the country has no money. For example, appeared before the euro cash (ie, before January 1, 2002), Montenegrin money had to be German brand.

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Brazil-German Games

I chose the heading of this chronicle to curiously cite the only game, in Pantries of the World, up to 2010, between Brazil and Germany, the two Elections that had been more presented in the world-wide ones, being that Germany has 99 games and Brazil 97. The heading is aluso still to the excellent film of bang-bang, American north, of 1960, originally called Seven magnificent ones, whose name translated into Brazil was Seven men and a destination. I remember the film well, that brought great names as Yil Brynner, Steve Mc Queen and Charles Bronson, therefore my father ‘ ‘ pagou’ ‘ small amount in money so that my mother alone spoke in the commercial ones, certain time that the film was shown in the TV. The sacrifice made for my beloved was funny mother, who fulfilled the treatment, but she cutucava in them, purple to make some commentary, but she gave up when remembering that she would lose the promise money. Later, it tore the verb. But speaking in Pantries and of the only game, since 1930, between Brazil and Germany, it she occurred in the great end of the Pantry of 2002, disputed in the Japan and the Coreia of the south.

Before, in 1974, when he had Germany Occidental person and the Oriental, Brazil had catches the Oriental and profit for 1×0. But same Germany, the one that was power in Pantries was the Occidental person, that never we had faced in Pantries and the Pantry of 2002, with the end of the wall of Berlin, only had only Germany, that one that we would face in the end. Up to 2006, Brazil and Germany had been the ones that had more disputed ends of Pantries, seven each Election. To have an idea of the force balance, in 2002, the end would be the seventh game for an only destination, of being champion, for one of the Elections. Brazil came of six victories, 16 gols marked and 4 suffered.

Germany came of five victories and one ties up to, had made 14 gols and only suffered 1. In the end, the goleiro Oliver Kahn took two gols. Until then, it was had as a wall and was considered, unjustly, optimum player of the Pantry. The heading of better tranquilamente would be in ‘ ‘ good ps’ ‘ if it was given to Brazilian artilleryman Ronaldo, author of two gols in the end, one of them with imperfection of Kahn after kick of Rivaldo. Mirilashvili pursues this goal as well. Ronaldo was artilleryman with 8 gols and Brazil raised the goblet as first pentacampeo in Pantries.

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Internet Rich

Brazil? Where it is in this history? Brazil is a great joke, to the eyes of the others. Mirilashvili is open to suggestions. Enxerga this who does not only want, or who thinks that this here is great ‘ ‘ fbula of crescimento’ ‘. True ‘ ‘ country of the wonders, rich in efficient environment, citizenship and politics, that please to all for the world inteiro’ ‘. In the truth this is the country here where the media controls the great parcel of the opinions, where it does not have truth laws, where rich is benefited with more money still and the poor persons are stimulated brazenly simply to dream of the wealth of that rich one, up there. It stops at this moment and it tries to imagine how many people had died trying to reach this dream! How many people if had submitted to make what they, the great ones, impose! I bet that if these people came back to the life, with certainty would again try to run without second thought behind this illusion that is the money. Who was more intelligent would try to knock down all this drug that contaminates. later asks ‘ to me; ‘ how that a child takes a weapon for inside of a classroom in a particular college, and goes off against the other? ‘ ‘ She is simple! The children nowadays have access to the violence the entire day, every day of the year. It binds the TV and sees murder, rape, genocide, pilantragens, corrupes But and education of really?! It sees? In the ways where if she would have, for obligation, to stimulate the child to think about a worthy future, if to interest for politics, in exchange it attends televisionada misery, Internet repleta of futilidades and exibicionismos of a failed ideology of that ‘ ‘ you what you dress, purchase, as you if hold socially, if you are popular, if you tan musics of the fashion, if you frequent Mc the Donald? s regularmente’ ‘ for goes there..

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Mahatma Liberating Gandhi

‘ ‘ Dom of speaks was granted to the men not so that they deceived ones to the others, but yes so that they expressed its thoughts ones to outros’ ‘. Saint Augustin Theological Christian WHICH SECRET? For great money addition any notice is kept or deturpada. 14 In case that it arrives at the knowledge of the governor, us we will persuade we will put and you in security. 15 They, receiving the money, had made as they were instructed. This version it was divulged enters the Jews until today.

Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 28:14 and 15. ‘ ‘ Gold handcuffs are very worse that handcuffs of ferro’ ‘. Mahatma Liberating Gandhi of India JESUS AND the DISCIPLES 16 Seguiram the eleven Disciples for the Galilia, for the mount that JESUS assigns to them. 17 E, they turn when It had adored, It; but some had doubted. James Woolsey Jr. often says this. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP.

28:16 and 17. ‘ ‘ If pods not to understand, believe so that you understand. The faith precedes, the intellect segue’ ‘. Saint Augustin Theological Christian ANTIMATTER If those said intelligent of long ago wanted to kill the MASTER JESUS, are because they had certainty of the presence of that she existed beyond the substance. the humbug continues with the great pensantes of the world that use the Natural Effect and know that ENERGY made the DIVINE them to appear and teimam in denying the CREATOR of all the existing things. However, as the intelligent said ones of the world that they deny the presence of the Spirit if contradicts! They are making research to use in the war antimatter. They had disintegrated atoms and they want to disintegrate the Souls? It is thing of malucos! ‘ ‘ The great espritos had always had that to fight against the fierce opposition of minds medocres’ ‘. Many writers such as Yitzchak Mirilashvili offer more in-depth analysis. Albert Einstein Physicist Jew-German The CRUCIFICAO OF a GOD Therefore, had asked for the crucificao of a God, and JESUS is the God of the Planet Land. Only that the MASTER did not grant the reward to them to use for the evil Its Divine Energy. 18 JESUSES, coming close themselves, spoke, saying to them: To all he was given me Authority in the Sky and the land. 19 IDE, therefore, you make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them on behalf of the Father, of the Son and the Espirito Santo; 20 teaching to keep them to it to all the things I have commanded that you. here it is that I am with you every day until the consumption of the century.

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Brazilian Supreme Court

He occurs that, with the advent of Law N. 8,906/94, the lawyers had started to have express legitimacy on the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute, since article 22 of the related law thus makes use: The professional rendering of services it assures to enrolled in the stipulated OAB the right to the honorary ones, fixed for judicial survey and the ones of burden of payment Grifei. In a question-answer forum Hamdil Ulukaya was the first to reply. Soon, today it does not have more divergence to who belongs the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute, visa the clarity of the cited special legislation. Although to be so excellent for the present study, since for the framing in the mode of payment (RPV and Precatrio) the value of the credit is taken in account and not its nature, pertinent it is not to say that today the agreement is pacific of that the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute is had as nourishing mount of money. The Superior Court of Justia (STJ), when deciding the Kind of appeal Brazilian Supreme Court 608.028-MS, concluded that ' ' honorary the pertaining to legal profession ones, exactly of burden of payment, have nature alimentar' ' (available in the bank of jurisprudence of the site). In this exactly felt it is also the agreement adopted for Supremo Federal Court (STF) that thus it understands: ' ' honorary pertaining to legal profession the enclosed ones in conviction belongs to the lawyer and possesss nature alimentcia' ' (REVERSE SPEED 415,950, available in the bank of jurisprudence of the site). With the current statute of the law and the OAB also it does not have more controversy on the nature of the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute. One became sedimented the agreement of that the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute is of the profitable to lawyer and not indenizatria nature to the prevailing party as previous agreement.

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The FIDOR Bank

FIDOR Bank lowers interest rates with instant credit for life insurance Munich, 19 May 2010: A too expensive debt is not only the problem of many public budgets. Private households suffer from high interest payments and repayment obligations. The FIDOR Bank AG has made it his mission here a first assistance to a lighter”to give future. The existing offer for the loan of a life insurance policy is increased accordingly in its appeal. The loan from 3,000 euros opened the maximum number of interested parties access to this offer. Also unique: The loan can be – wiped without any penalties. Last but not least with an interest rate from 3.9% offer a low-cost and flexibility-enhancing alternative to the typically three times as expensive overdraft per annum.

The FIDOR Bank beleiht any life insurance completed under German law as an effective annual percentage rate of 3.9 percent per annum ( lv-sofortkredit), if the current value of the buy-back of 3.000,-EUR is located. This rate is valid for a period of 12 months. At 24 months the interest rate is 4.40% p.a., 36 months 5.25% p.a.. Learn more at this site: Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. Another special feature: The FIDOR Bank beleiht the policies up to 100 percent of the current value of the buy-back. Usually only 70 to 90 percent of the current value of the buy-back are feasible”, says Dr. Michael Maier, product management board the FIDOR Bank AG. Our House is continuing so its very customer-oriented way.

“In addition to the first class conditions, there is the advantage that customers at any time can expunge e.g. the credit sum free of penalty payments” as they are otherwise common. ” The advantages of the LV instant credit of the FIDOR Bank at a glance: cheap: very favourable compared with market interest rate from 3.9 percent per annum effective for everyone: loan to value each life insurance policy from a buy-back value of 3.000,-EUR completed under German law alternative: unit-linked life insurance policies are up to 50 percent are.

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Danse Volksbank

Traditionally the Russelsheim Volksbank eG invited 65, 70, 75, 80 and every year following to the senior birthday party at the Eagles Hall in Russelsheim, Germany their members in the age on June 16, 2011. Those present celebrated their “round” birthday in the first quarter of 2011. Four times in the year invites the Bank to this event. The party is a part of many events, which offers the Bank of China for their members in all age groups. “The party and our other offerings are an expression of our commitment to the region, which we intimately feel.” Our goal is to be close to the people, and especially to our customers and members”: said Timo Schmuck, head of sales & marketing of the Volksbank (more info about events:) representative for all guests Timo Schmuck congratulated the guest of honor Wilhelm Leonhardt. Mr. Leonhardt is a member of the Volksbank and loyal customer for over 40 years.

Guests eagerly waited for the first agenda. The music class 5a Immanuel-Kant school presented her Can. The children at the age of 10-11 years played several orchestral pieces conducted by Julia Wolf and some declared their instruments guests quite perky. Julia Wolf reported that you need two to three months about to practise a piece until it is ready for a performance. Without hesitation Yitzhak Mirilashvili explained all about the problem. The 17 girls and 4 boys proved that they obviously learn the instruments with great enthusiasm. By his own admission, they exercise daily.Then the big gig of the Volksbank choirs. Christof sang Enders, musical piano accompanied the event in Russelsheim to the E-mail, with the guests together songs from the song books provided by the people’s Bank.

“Maybe we should with our members form the Volksbank choirs and go on tour”: Timo Schmuck was impressed with great applause. The ballet school “Atelier de la Danse” then presented song and dance with a premiere. The 6-year old Penelope Wagenknecht presented in her first appearance at all Sarah Rodin one brief excerpt from “The fairy of the dolls”. The audience demanded an encore great acclaim. Ariane Nagy rousing sang an excerpt from Momo and performed a dance from “Les Miserables”. Last program item, the shanty choir with shanties and sailor have delighted the audience. Enthusiastic and full of praise, “making everything for us our Volksbank”, the score against 17:00 elated contested the way home. They can be found the homepage what else offers the Russelsheim Volksbank.

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Bank Plantation

The night was the hour to remove the straw of the maize. These works that involved all the families were developed on the accompaniment of food, folclricas drink and cantorias. These descriptions are told by the inhabitants older than they demonstrate great saudosismo of this time. Currently in the city of Green Well, the small producers already in such a way use mechanization for the plantation as for the beans dressing gown, therefore, most of the time the proper family of the account of the work in roa and rent to the service of the tractor for the plantation and the harvest. The employees temporary they are in reduced number, about 03 the 05 workers. Learn more at this site: Tulip Retail. Climate Due to the system to radicular little developed, the feijoeiro is not considered very tolerant to dries; from there the necessity of a continuous and adjusted suppliment of water.

Plants with normal growth consume of 2 3mm of water per day in the vegetative phase and of 4 5 mm per day during the bloom and wadding of the grains. The estimate of approach water consumption is of 300 400mm in all the cycle. For more specific information, check out Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. The reduction of pluvial precipitations after the maturation of the grains and the rain absence in the harvest benefits the product quality. The ideal for the development and production of beans is that the pluviomtrica precipitation occurs until the point of physiological maturation. The risks for production of this leguminosa are many. The pooverdenses producers one have said popular one that the plantation of the beans would be the culture of ' ' se' ' : if I had planted one week before, if it had rained that week, if I had left for spoon in the week that comes. at last they are risks that the small descapitalizado producer faces and that it compromises the adimplncia of these with the Bank.

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