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Monetary and Financial Stability

” Clear that the pact does not represent a coordination of monetary policies and this was made clear the head of the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA), Martin Redrado: “Speaking of coordination is still a word that does not qualify either meeting. I think there is a spirit of partnership, commitment to monetary and financial […]

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Valencia Bank

Valencia bank was created in 1900 in the Valencian Community, more exactly in valencia, hence its name, with the intention that the same will see enhanced by the economic progress and investment that took place at that time all over Spain. This bank was in its infancy characterized by its great view to the future, […]

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At the same time, increased trade and communication relationships contribute to a catastrophe in the periphery directly affect major economic centers. May be included within this category to other medical disasters such as epidemics, pandemics, etc. Like natural disasters, the effects of these phenomena may determine important changes in interstate relations. Even if bird flu […]

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Citibank Spain

Citibank is present in Spain since 1917, where thanks to low interest rates and great loan opportunities, especially to investors this achievement established communities with great success, success has to be mentioned today. Citibank in Spain is shown in the present as one of the best options to choose when looking for a bank which […]

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