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The Legal

All these considerations lead to the conclusion that a more precise and adequate definition of today's realities control. The author believes that control of the company reflects the ability of the controlling group in accordance with their own interests determine the policies of the company, appoint and dismiss its governing bodies, dispose of his property, […]

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Retail Trade Problems

First, the increased level of customer service, which inevitably led to a rise in the cost of trading processes. Second, increasing competition between commercial enterprises because of the struggle for the buyer is accompanied by reduced trade margins. Both these processes lead to a decrease in profitability of trade. Themselves lost in the transition to […]

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Travel Agencies SBW

From 19 to 22 March 2008 in Expocentre place one of the most significant events of the tourist business – international exhibition of tourism and recreation MITT 2008. The exhibition also marked an important stage in the development of Serve Businesses Worldwide, which is presented to the tourist community of exhibition business opportunities – the […]

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Standard BSV Assets

Market value – the cost of the transaction occurred, ie, reflect the past state of the object. Further insights into the value of standards provides a systematic approach. From a systems perspective to the enterprise and its value in these standards of value acquired the following meanings: The residual value – the cost of items […]

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