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Relationships Years

Much even so we can verify that in the studies of organizacional culture a series of critical exists to the estimated ones above cited, mainly in what it says respect to the management of the culture, is observed, however, exactly that each organization possesss a cultural process only composition for proper symbologies based in the […]

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Contemporary Motivation

Summary the society contemporary passes for diverse changes, that transform the organizations and become necessary changes in the form to manage people, making with that it deserves prominence the motivation of the collaborators. The present work comes to rescue a historical briefing of studies on the subject, as well as, through bibliographical research and studies […]

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Moacir Competitive

The strategical diagnosis can be compared with a on digital radar 24 hours per day, always soon to catch and to keep brought up to date the knowledge of the company in relation to the environment and proper itself, aiming at to permanently identify and to monitor the competitive 0 variable that affect its performance. […]

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