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Financial Investments

The situation of the Spanish economy is an issue that the press continues to highlight and also these days comes with unusual force related to the nationalization of the Bankia. These topics I read a few days ago an article in Eroski Consumer, the Spanish publication that presents so pleasant and instructive articles, on this […]

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Portuguese Aristocracy

The Complex of Crbero (4), that is, when it opts to the conscience legalized with the conservadorismo, ahead of the situation that if presents, device Mr. is privileged above with the presented tripartio, at the same time where it suffers the consequences of three spalling to be able rocking. The episode, the War of the […]

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Existential Things

Preamble: I want bars of this study to show how much it is harmful to be remembering the negative past. We need to forget the negative things in all the areas: Relationary, Labor, Sentimental, Commercial and Existential. Western Union helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The instructions that we will shed here in this subject […]

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The slavery places the human being in the condition of ' ' thing, ' ' merchandise, being able to be, therefore, bought, vendida or rented of course as the slave traffic proves. Africa was, in century XVI, a continent town for diverse tribes, that is, possua a tribal organization. Possuam different habits, languages, cultures and […]

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Industry Fish

Fishing is developed in the Bays of Agiabampo, Yvaros, Santa Barbara, Matting Aquichopo, the Elote, Moroncrit, in beaches of Huatabampito, Camahuiroa and the Mouths; conforming the coast of 110 kilometers and a water mirror of approximately 16 thousand hectares. These water bodies form three complex ecosystems to lagunar and estuary, that are Aquichopo, Yvaros and […]

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Fashinonable Store

I recognized that one mature and still beautiful woman immediately who further on left the fashionable store meters. They had passed how many? , forty years? , it had seen since it for the last time. But it was. More major, with enough kilos of more than had fully cleared the thin and adolescent body […]

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Speeding Wheels

May not be possible. Then – halt a sharp slide started with the steering in the direction of the skid and immediately back, accompanying this discharge gas. Here the main thing – to return the steering wheel immediately, without waiting for the reaction. Otherwise, such manipulations can lead to a 'change of position': the car […]

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