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Botanical Garden

Located in the heart of Europe and on both sides of the central and eastern part of the continent, Hungary offers visitors a rich and unique culture.During the Communist era, lots of money and resources were put into the capital of Budapest, so that travelers not much away from the city.The field of Hungary is […]

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Quality Control System

Quality control system of mini-power Geko based on international standard iso 9002 and German military standard AQAP-130 and Europower – the European iso 9001 quality certificate. containers Reasoning about autonomous sources of energy, constructed on the basis of various internal combustion engines, we have not touched on issues relating to noise characteristics of a mini-power […]

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Great Depression

At moments of international instability the only answers that the public in general wants to see to leave the mouth of an economist are when the crisis of subprime American goes to finish and as. Unhappyly they are the only ones that we cannot answer. The economist John Kenneth certain Galbraith time said that ' […]

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Fire Safety Power

Passed more than two centuries from the time when the first engine was invented, and a little more than a hundred years of world history in a diesel engine engineering. In 1893, when a famous scientist and inventor Rudolf Diesel opens the whole world the secret of a diesel engine, and could not be assumed […]

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Dilma Rousseff Economist

The year of 2011 if initiates with alert on the part of the economists, whom they see with concern perspective of increase of the inflation, that in 2010 was the greater in last the six years, having been pulled for foods and services, that had gone up very. It was one year weighed for the […]

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The Institution

The alteration is still distinguished suffered in the year from 2008 that it implanted ' ' DNA' ' of the institution, that is disciplines offered for diverse courses, as Portuguese, that it would have summary and standardized horria load and would have equivalence enters the diverse courses of the UPF. The Period of training Supervised, […]

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