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Simon Rodriguez

The education system requires the academic legitimacy of an authority recognized by all. And that authority does not have if his prestige as an institution is deficient or does not extend to all layers of society. Rob Daleys opinions are not widely known. Conceptually, it should be, as recommended by Simon Rodriguez: a will that […]

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Geographic Thought

The Greeks had been the first ones to make systematic registers of geography, therefore its intense commercial activity allowed them to explore and to know different peoples and places throughout the coast of the Mediterranean sea. More info: Rob Daley. The proper word geography comes of the Greek (' ' geo' ' = land; ' […]

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Tony Buzan

It develops memory, quick, creative thinking, it saves time, paper and energy; It increases productivity, profitability, it involves the brain. It stimulates the reading, study and research. Mind maps help increase your capacity to study and learn better and faster. They are ideal for creative thought processes. It is one of the most important tools […]

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Egyptian Sculpture

Any manual on the history of Ancient Egypt is a prominent player Nefertiti, one of the most prominent of the ancient universal. Investigations on the Queen of XVIII dynasty canvas have met with a key finding in this day: its true face. We know a model’s face with his famous Nefertiti bust (which we portraits […]

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Sybase Sybase Inc.

Sybase Sybase Inc. (NYSE: SY) is a company dedicated to development and expansion of technology for mobilizing information. Since its founding in Berkeley, California (USA) in 1984, Sybase has earned the trust of many companies in the world for its expertise in information management. For even more details, read what Keith Yamashita says on the […]

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Ramonet Climate

The cause of such grisly prophecy is climate change, and will be one of the many acts to which humanity will assist during the development of this tragedy, hatched between droughts, floods and food shortages. When we speak of climate change often we think of the increase of the sea level and the melting of […]

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Francesco Guerrera

As we have been talking about for several days, the markets are seeing the end of the international financial crisis and not a few strategic movements that we’re looking to achieve fully reap the benefits of recovery and repositioned in the market. The $68,000 million are a portion of the total support given to the […]

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Latin American Countries

In what the Latin American countries were wrong to be so? Buenos Aires, 25 of February of 2009 A measure that passes the crisis, the same questions are a different answer every time that they are made: how will Latin America face this 2009? How much will grow up their economies? Some of them will […]

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It clarifies your expectations. Nobody is fortune teller nor able to read the other people’s thought, that says to be able to make it the word regularly magical or wizard precedes to his name (without eagerness to offend to whom they exert these offices, clearly). Then if the rest of us does not read the […]

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ESTEVE actress stars in Melancholia, the tape with which the Danish competes in Cannes. The controversy has wrapped the film since the filmmaker did a controversial statement at press conference. Too hot to be mid-May sun ravaging the Croisette at the time that skips the news that Lars von Trier, the Danish director who last […]

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