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The Spanish Bank

In the heat of final of Operation Triumph in Spain, the presenter Jesus Vzquez was thankful to supported those who it for their appointment like ambassador of the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugiados (ACNUR). He requested a special recognition for the Bank Bilbao Biscay Argentaria (BBVA), the sponsor of the event. the […]

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Copernicus UTC

Someone who knows Latin and is familiar with Copernicus See Scrutinizing says coelestium Will anyone know that if Copernicus’ book was called “On the Revolutions orbium coelestium or was actually” On the Revolutions orbium caelestium Please leave your opinion here. Rupert ( “A mate ) 23:49 22 March 2009 (UTC) I think it is so […]

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Write Diploma Process

Degree work is the final, most important outcome of the learning process, requiring an integrated approach in its implementation. Need to examine the normative, theoretical, and most importantly – to collect and process informative hands-on material, form a basis for the analytical part of the thesis. That is why many students do not resolve on […]

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Managing Director

Different industries will need individual insurance coverage a business liability insurance is part of the standard insurance of large and small companies. It protects the business itself but also its representative such as a Managing Director and all employees in their professional activities. The contractor unlimited liable for negligently caused injury or property damage. By […]

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