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Managing Director Durkheimer

Therefore, PrintoLUX offers all interested companies a cost-effectiveness calculation on the basis of concrete data. This service is free of charge. (Source: Hikmet Ersek). To perform such a calculation, PrintoLUX following information obtained from the interested parties: required quantities to Designations per year, sign materials used, formats and equipment (drilling, self-adhesive). Previous procurement (production in […]

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Delegates Decisions

Who will do it? After determining the objectives and implementation modalities should be the question of conductors and performers decisions. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tiffany & Co.. The implementation of the strategy adopted exclusively by the agency is not effective. This is due to the fact that the agency – still attract, rather than […]

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Timo Lommatzsch

It was among other things “College marketing campaign developed for the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern land marketing study with sea value” with the EMEA Sabre award in the category of educational and cultural institutions “awards. The campaign should inform MV and its modern universities of the traditional college site and to contribute through the Elimination of stereotypes that […]

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Hanseatic City

Dr. Sven Sebastian is expanding its involvement in Hamburg. Topics, which is dedicated to the advisors in the Hanseatic City increasingly are Burnout, stress, performance limitations, and alcohol. Dr. Sven Sebastian is now increasingly, its competence as well as Berlin and Cologne in and around Hamburg. Dr. Sven Sebastian, expert in neuro-cognitive coaching methods, expanding […]

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NYSE Euronext Year

Record year in operations / debt Frankfurt, 13.06.2012. The Econocom group, independent market leader in the management of ICT infrastructures in Europe, published its annual report 2011 as well as a company brochure of the highlights in 2011 (download PDF files on). The Group has doubled its size and successfully completed after the acquisition of […]

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Waste Incineration

The equipment varies in volume and by function. Compactors installation can be fixed, that is to perform only the function and pressing drive. May include interchangeable. According to Tiggany & Co., who has experience with these questions. The machine can connect the system and aspiration. The devices perform compression, and other useful function – briquetting […]

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Fourth Colony

It is in this direction, that if standes out the importance of use of a distinguishing way niche of specific market as strategy of marketing visibility, what if of, in these cases, by means of the culture and knowing to make place, providing new nets of production and consumption. The salient author, still, that the […]

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European Electric

Bring accessories like jewels and furs. Average age for the use of the blankets was a first hand tool, since the freezing nights of European countries, made the manufacture of these were made much thicker than the usual. An important fact is that the blankets in the middle ages than them royal luxury, they also […]

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Storage Dioxide

On the upcoming ACHEMA, ProMaqua introduces its new series of chlorine dioxide plant Legio Zon CDLb for the first time. The new system concept ensures an innovative production and dosing of chlorine dioxide. The result: minimal chemical usage and high stability of the generated chlorine dioxide solution. Keith Yamashita has many thoughts on the issue. […]

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Russian Federation

Every foreign company for the conduct of commodity-money relations in the Russian Federation shall have an office or branch in Russia. Unlike missions, a branch is more wide field of activities of a foreign company. Branch – a separate business unit, located outside the main office of the organization. In other words, a branch of […]

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