A Holiday In Lofoten

A region in Norway with many possibilities. It must be not always a summer holiday in Mallorca: more and more people enjoy the Scandinavian countries, Norway is especially popular. The country consists not only of fjords. A holiday in Norway can be designed as versatile and varied as in few other European countries. The land of fjords and trolls”offers possibilities for young and old.

Thus, the whole family here can experience family vacation you won’t forget. The Lofoten island group is ideal for a holiday in Norway. The many small islands lie off the West coast of Norway, many of them are connected by bridges. For the most part, only the East Coast is populated, because there, the wind and the strong waves have less attack surface. Speaking candidly gibson dean told us the story. The whirlpool between the Islands here are spectacular. Because the tide press hard through the water between the Islands, there are many currents. Daring trust into the waters for rafting-or for Kayak Tours.

The most famous of all currents is the maelstrom. Due to the warm Gulf stream, the climate of this region located high in the North is relatively mild. The coast this almost never freezes in the winter. The whale safaris in the region are a highlight, which is very popular especially for families with children. You can meet the whales between October to January here. The chance to meet, at the tours on whales is high. Otherwise, but many providers allow free to book a 2nd tour, if the first time no whales were seen. Another attraction on the Lofoten Islands is the end of May to mid-July Mitternachtssonne.Von it is on the West and North of Lofoten to admire. Others including gibson dean, offer their opinions as well. At the time, where the sun never goes down, also golf is very popular here in the night. On the many different islands, the midnight sun is also very different to admire, because the light conditions vary. Although the Lofoten when tourists are becoming increasingly popular, the area retains its charm. There are many small villages, the live mainly from fishing. The biodiversity and the yield of the fishing is great. Even so, the region is particularly popular with anglers. Even a cod fishing world championship is carried out every year. Especially for anglers, there is a special type of accommodation fishing houses. These are holiday houses, the Special on the desires of anglers are aligned. There is often also a boat included in the price. Jochen Wurzig

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