About Ants

Perhaps no man who has not stopped, or at least not slow his pace would have noticed in the forest canopy ant nests kishashego thousands of its inhabitants. There is no doubt that before the inquisitive person may have questions the next race. So what does an anthill built? How and what its components are fastened, its building blocks? So, this article will be discussed briefly, and these tireless workers of the underworld. These tireless, restless, troublesome, insatiable, friendly, bloodthirsty, ferocious, ruthless, fierce … Sometimes you do not know which of perechislenny epithets should be applied to what they saw ants. And contrary to some others that it is not surprising. Because, first of all, not every creation of nature in so many people rated plans.

Among the myriad of insects there are few such, which would not have attracted more attention than ants. Secondly, for us, the inhabitants of middle latitudes, where the temperate climate prevails, some of the above epithets unknown and unexpected, as it relates to the ants, leading into the Overseas Territories. With regard to buildings these insects, the ants nest almost more popular than their builders. In our latitudes it is more applicable to the approval of a brown ant heaps found in the forest zone, not too damaged by human activities. Importantly, that the visible above ground cone (or other forms of construction) is only part of ant nests. The dome covers roughly the same in terms of being in the land of the ants' nest. In nests of ants found different and collected from the leaves of the nest base, and glued together with saliva earthen floors, and heating the heat of decaying plant matter, and silk for interior design …

It is clear that the choice of nesting sites and construction material, as well as the types of construction in ants appears much more flexibility prisbolyaemost to different conditions than those of other insects. Now let's talk about what might cause harm to the insects. In the garden they guard-pest aphids, their "cows", protecting them from ladybugs and other predators (see details). In addition, the constant suffering and discomfort deliver their bites so-called red ants nest suiting in the ground and under bark of dead trees. One has only to sit or stand in the place where the red ants nest itself, as will soon begin to feel a pretty strong burning sensation caused by the bites of these ants. Yes and no necessarily red, black ants in your yard, too, nothing good, except disgust, not promise. In any case, the harm caused by their covers benefit from them, so control of ants is needed.

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