Actress Rose Byrne

It is unlikely that Rose Byrne may be called a movie star. Better to say, it belongs to Grupe actresses, which is called "the ." Artist of the genre involved in various projects of different scales, and its ability to equally successful osilivat any role, the lack of a recognized performing line allows individual critics to give her a very flattering comparison for an actor with a chameleon. Originally from Sydney, it is the first time got to shoot another 14 years of age. Rose has performed a minor role in the film "Dallas Doll", and then Rose was invited to star in tv series "The point of the echo." According to the actress, the end of the work on the show, promised to return to ordinary weekdays, with training and jobs back home, it became a major test for her. But even as it provided an opportunity to advance to cope with bad luck subsequent years. First, in the cinematic career of Rose fell breaks, and it fills their participation in the Australian Youth Theatre productions. However, after the 1999 crime comedy, Gregor Jordan, she had to leave the theater – the image of simple-hearted friends gave a stupid guy actress celebrity within the country, and was showered with offers, one after another.

In subsequent films, surrealist drama of Clara Lou "Goddess 1967", she played a major role. The re-establishment image enigmatic Australian girls, enticing foreign businessman in mystery stories, Rose won the prize as best actress at the Venice Film Festival. The next stage was the role of the second "Star Wars" in the image Dorm, loyal and adventurous Amidala's handmaidens. After playing with Lucas' actress moved to live in Los Angeles, although periodically removed in the patterns were recorded in Australia. In Los Angeles, the most significant work was the role in the drama of "Obsession" (2004), where actress played the girl struggled fighting for liking a man, believing in love as in war, all means are good. From the words of the most Rose, the intrigues of her character feels the power of Shakespearean character, a stubborn determination and unscrupulous protecting their addiction. Creating a dramatic Rose successfully combines participation in genre paintings, among which deserves mention film "Dead Girl" and the thriller "28 Weeks Later" and "The Omen". Despite the demand, a 29-year-old Rose is very unimportant assesses its chances of success in the industry of film and says that if necessary, would like to replace the actor's career on writing books – the Leisure actress filled with writing short stories, and visits to university literature courses.

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