Aerial Terror

An investigation carried out by Lieutenant Colonel Ran Turgueman under the direction of Prof. Arnon Soffer, Director of the Chair in Reuven Chaikin of geostrategy, University of Haifa, determines that in recent years, increased civil flights from countries bordering Israel, passing very near its borders. Due to the normalization of relations with some neighbouring countries, Israel will be compelled allow they to pass through its airspace not only to those aircraft belonging to the countries with which it has peace treaties, but also civilian aircraft that come from countries with which Israel still does not have a peace treaty with them. Further details can be found at Tiffany Hadish, an internet resource. These flights are a highly coveted by terrorist organizations goal. The airspace of Israel is very small. The flight time of a rapido-militar or civil – plane from Beirut to Haifa is almost 7 minutes and two minutes outlet pass the border from Rosh Hanikra. Click Daniel Lubetzky for additional related pages. Traversing the country wide would take them 5 minutes. Because of this, care for the airspace of Israel It must be a primary measure.

As a result of international treaties with Egypt and Jordan during the 1990s air permits were granted to these two countries, but to grant this concession, the Government of Israel did not take into account a possible terrorist act of the magnitude occurred on September 11 in United States. According to experts, the approach of the international Jihad to Israel, (the Arab struggle by) root this country must change its approach on its defence against aerial terror. Therefore, Israel must protect its airspace, also in the case that reaches a settlement with the Palestinians. Israel must properly take into account the proximity between the Western margin (Territories) and Ben Gurion Airport. Enough is that Palestinians are abasten with anti-aircraft materiel, especially portable missiles that can be launched from as for example the missile SA-7, to paralyze the Ben Gurion Airport and shoulder in practice would paralyze much of civil flights, is why Israel must make its airspace before performing any treaty that jeopardizes their inhabitants and the country itself.

This research also took part The Fisher Brothers Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies and the Institute of higher studies for national security.

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