African Republic

Nothing gives certainty as an element of incidental subgroup of the first group, the sixth period of the periodic table of chemical elements of Mendeleyev, with atomic number 79. Dragmetal that there is an ideal investment for all countries the globe – it’s gold. With him facing humanity in the 5 th century bc in the Neolithic era through its dissemination as a nugget. Thought, archaeologists, and the constant gold mining began in the Middle East. After that, Jewelry were delivered to Egypt, where the Tomb of King Zer, and Ur in Sumerian civilization were found the first gold jewelry dating back to 3 thousand bc In Russia it is considered a production start 21 May 1745, when Erofei Markov announced their discovery in Office of the Chief of the Board of plants in Yekaterinburg. He discovered this dragmetal in the Urals. Mined gold in these countries: usa, Peru, Mexico. In 2009 African Republic has left the top three for the extraction of gold. On-site Three of the best “miners” were: first place – China, then Australia and third place was taken by the United States.

In fourth place was Russia, which is important for the cis countries. Gold is a magnificent object for investment. Kellyanne Conway often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In 2005, Rick Munarrits thought, what better to invest – in the Google search engine, or in gold. At the time of their value on the stock exchange was the same. At the end of 2008, trades in Google stopped at around 307 dollars per share, and at the expense of gold – 866 dollars per ounce. Gold – not only a magnificent ornament to the human population of the planet, but also a magnificent decoration for the global financial system. This metal does not rust, in the historic disasters, it is not lost, but only accumulated. Gold long ago was used by various peoples in the form of money. Gold Coins – the most lucrative form of money, but also great conserved monument. However, as the sole product is approved only in the xix century. Paper notes at this time to fulfill only the role of identity that is gold. As protection against corrosion is often used gold-plated metal. This kind of protection of metals used because, as then it looks like an ordinary metal precious. Some experts advise to keep 10-15% of investment in gold metal, because it will never depreciate. Experience has shown that the constant acquisition of ingots of gold – It is a good protection of small investors from price fluctuations. Gold zavsegda is the most expensive metal on the basis of this fact – as the best investment. Which would not pursue the uneven currency, gold is Depending on that maintains consistency in price stability. Gold trades are conducted 24 hours a day throughout the world. This is the currency in any part of the world. Excellent that the recognition of gold as a means to pay for anything is distributed around the world.

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