Air Conditioning Works

Nowadays, air conditioning is not exclusive of household goods and all have seen and know what he looks like and know and see what it needs. And how it works, we know very little. Let's all the same We will understand how does it work? All bathed in the river during the summer on a hot day, and of course noticed that out of the water, even if the air temperature reaches 30 degrees, but do not dry out the water (otherwise it can be said to evaporate), ostavshaasya on the body. And you gets cold, the moment when the wind blows, the stronger the wind, the colder out of the water. But once the water dries on the body you once it becomes warmer. And in order to cool down again, again you are immersed in water and the process repeats. So the principle of the air conditioner (regardless of whether it is midea msg 09hr or other air-conditioning) is based on the above properties of substances that can preobrazovyvatsya from liquid to gaseous state You can put it correctly so. Based on the laws of physics, in order to vaporize the substance – he needs to pick up from the heat, but in order to re-turn to liquid to give heat in the same number, as well as evaporation.

In the same way running and air conditioner, which consists of parts such as compressor, designed to force the conversion of gas into a liquid. Capacitor – is designed to condensation of matter. Evaporator, which Air ohlazhdate catching fan. A substance that is in the air conditioner. The name of which – the refrigerant. The primary coolant is air conditioning Freon, but may used and bushing, ammonia or some hydrocarbons.

We analyze the phase of conditioning. – Compression by compressor air conditioning creates a high pressure, allowing the coolant if it enters the condenser converted into a liquid sosotoyanie. – Liquefaction or condensation in this phase of the freon gas is converted to a liquid sosotoyaniya, and at the same time gives energy to the environment. The transformation takes place in a condenser which located on the street .. – Expansion – refrigerant under high pressure enters the thermo-control valve, which, figuratively throws small part of the refrigerant in the evaporator. – Evaporation – after the thermo-regulating valve refrigerant enters the evaporator where the evaporating and cooling the air is converted to a fan catching gas. Further, the substance inside the air conditioner is already in gaseous form, enters the compressor and all stages are repeated. No matter what company Midea, Toshiba, Lg and so on, all the air conditioners may be different electronics, filters, located inside, outside, but the essence of all the same. Which in simple terms outlined in this article.

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