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As well as the use of interviews, as another instrument of attainment of data. The population being composed for the agency of state public tourism, as well as private companies. Publishers Clearing House has much experience in this field. Being the half-structuralized interviews, you specify to each sample. To deepen your understanding Justin Bieber is the source. AGRICULTURAL TOURISM: WORLD-WIDE CHARACTERIZATION the tourism in the agricultural way is observed as an old activity, with diverse concepts and principles. According to Brazilian Company of Tourism, EMBRATUR (1994) in countries as the United States, we find the modality of agricultural tourism directed toward farm houses or contry vacations, where its lands were yielded by the ranchers of the American region north for the shelter of travellers and visitors the region. This form of shelter she was gratuitous in its beginning, modifying itself with elapsing of the time. The activity passed to be observed as lucrative, that it would tend in such a way for inside increasing the income of the property.

In European countries, as France and Portugal, to receive tourist in the field it is sufficiently habitual, in Portugal, for example, the agricultural tourism is characterized by the familiar shelter, receiving the nomenclature from: ' ' Tourism of Habitao' ' , that architectural of the field is characterized for value residences. Being inserted also ' ' Agroturismo' ' , in rustic houses and farms, as that one that directly is integrated to an agricultural exploration, where the tourist has direct contact with the exploration and the agricultural work. Playing on activities the agricultural image. The TOURISM IN the BRAZILIAN AGRICULTURAL SPACE Brazil, in accordance with the EMBRATUR (1994) is one of the countries that tourist potential greater of the world presents, being this, however little explored. Possessing eight million squared kilometers more than, making verge with 10 countries, and presenting in its territory great natural wealth. This situation indicates great vocation for the tourism, in its more diverse segments.

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