American Dietetic Association

We have – what we eat. The choice of food has a huge role in brain activity, for the sharpness of mind. Therefore, the question of diet must be approached with extreme caution. You can simply deny your brain nutrition, and this may have an impact on your mental health. There are times when you simply need to quickly and accurately perform any mental work.

A classic example of this can serve as the exams. The brain is boiling, and the need to teach. Never mind – Let's "recharge" his "right" products. Let's see how it – "Brain food" and what it ate: – "First of all brain activity depends on the level of sugar in the blood '- says Ginny Gatstsaniga-Moloo (Ph.D., Rapporteur of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). ' In order to have a clear mind, in the blood should be sufficient amount of sugar as a source of energy that we get from food. " To make sure that your brain constantly receives enough energy to not skip meals. And most important of them is breakfast.

The entire body, including the brain after sleep hungry and need feeding. 'You have to be more tenacious and clearer thinking was, after lunch, which is especially important for children '- says Gatstsaniga Now let's see what "brain" foods should be included in their menu: 1. "Right" (complex) carbohydrates: preferably from a single corn, oats, fruits and vegetables. They are digested quite – still a long time, so be evenly over an extended time to provide the brain with energy.

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