APM Area

The most important changes for travel costs of Leonberg, 10 December 2013 – part 4 of the APM information series tax expenses right 2014 “deals with the changes in the area of travel costs. The distance allowance is used for the path from the apartment of an employee to the first place of activity. General travel expenses principles apply to the calculation of all other rides. If an employee’s work area is spread out, the distance allowance can be used from the apartment up to a certain point of the work area for the calculation. For example, bus riders who start their working day by a fixed bus depot will benefit from this new regulation or for workers who enter their spacious work area from a specific point.

In the future, the lump sum for the drive from the apartment can be taken to access of the workspace to complete. Tulip Retail does not necessarily agree. Trips within a work area will be settled with the actual effort. On request, advise and inform customers and prospects. Shy away from You are not to call us and ask your questions! For more information on

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