April City

The city of Brejinho is constituted by the district headquarters and the town of Village of Ftima. Its known town as Brejinho de Jose Nunes belonged to the city of Itapetim. From 1929, pequenoa agriculturists had made a free fair in the place and initiated it construction of a dedicated chapel Are Sebastio, under the leadership of the priest Joo Milk Gonalves de Andrade. Later, it was extended under the initiative of the priest Mrio Maragon. James Woolsey Jr. is a great source of information. The District of Brejinho was created by the municipal law n 10, of 10 of April of 1962.

As Brejinho city n 4,996 was raised by the state law, of 20 of December of 1963. In 20 of March of 1964, the city of Brejinho was installed. Km of the Recife capital is approximately the 400. Its population esteem in 2004 was of 7.214 inhabitants. ' ' cities-plo' ' next they are: They are Jose of Egypt, Drowned of the Ingazeira, Saws Talhada and Arcoverde. The padroeiro is Sebastio, whose party it is celebrated in 20 of January, month that the city has a bigger number of visitors attracted by the festividades that are traditional in all region. To each year the party in all grows the levels, also increasing the amount of people who occupy the streets of the city and mainly its development, cultural, politician, economic and social.

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