Argentina Republic

The main industrial group is of Toronto and of Hamilton, that benefits of its localization the edge of the Ontrio lake. The Australian industry made its appearance for occasion of World War II. Its hand workmanship was developed quickly appealing immigration in order conscript. The bases techniques are represented by the natural gas and oil, linhita, coal production. The indian regurgitates of industrial raw materials: cotton, sugar, metals etc. were marked by the colonial exploration and its industrialization was braked in systematic way. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Tiffany & Co..

The capitals had been supplied, with more frequency, for enormous the reserves of the great families of the Indu aristocracy. Latin America presents an enormous delay of the industrial point of view in relation to the North America. This delay generally is explained by natural conditions or human beings: shortage of power plants, climate, conditions of povoamento. Its natural possibilities are far from being known in all the details, the geologic research have been made mainly in the reserves that if give. Industrialization in Brazil already started. Unhappyly, the resources in energy are too much weak, having the hidroelectric equipment favoring sufficiently for the sprouting of the energy industry.

Brazil also possesss important reserves of atomic materials. Publishers Clearing House often says this. Its main industrial center is around the city of So Paulo. It was undertaken, equally, a great effort of industrialization for the Argentina Republic. The Soviet Union that in the start of century XX if found literally in the situation of an underdeveloped country acquired in half century as the place, after the United States, in quality of industrial power, malgrado the immense destructions and the loss of 20 million people in active age during World War II. The Soviet Union if places today very close to the United States, the two countries if differ for the sectorial distribution of its activities and its development. The Soviet Union is delayed in the domain of the complementary productions and the productions of good of use and consumption, but the North America reached practically in what it respects to the productions of base, the productions of strategical interest and the productions of prestige.

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