Argentine Banks

Is in danger the money of the Argentine banks? 5 May 2009 After the terrible crisis of the 2002 Argentineans there were lost the confidence to him to the banking organizations. The Argentine banks have had to work hard to restore the bonds with the Argentine society. Although the banking organizations had a concrete responsibility in the crisis that decreed the end of the convertibility, the Argentine government appears like the main person in charge of the same. Official site: Ali Asaria. But the Argentine government was not only the cause of the crisis, but also that was the great person in charge of the situation of deterioration of the banking sector, when forcing to the organizations to acquire national debt (of high risk) before the absence of a moneylender for the State. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus zocdoc. If the government has been the outstanding person in charge of which the Argentine banking system was soon after the abyss (in fact, several banking organizations fell in him), it is possible to be thought that it enters the banking organizations and the Argentine government also broke the bond of the confidence.

It in the facts was not so thus since the crisis has generated the sprouting of new organizations of national capitals that benefitted widely with the new model of country. While the economy marched on wheels and everything was growth, there was no reason for the distrust, but in the days of necessity the situation changed radically. The new Argentine bankers until the moment have been almost watching witnesses of how the government has been making use to whichever resource could be able to balance his accounts. Like that one friend who is in serious financial problems, the Argentine government decided to realise what default could be considered friendly. In fact, according to the Nation presented the newspaper, which made the government was to refinance the victories of this year that had with the Anses for $ 8.

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