Article Courtesy Customers

It seems that this cafe has conducted a focus group or used even a warning sign for their clients. It’s amazing what one can learn by simply talking with clients, explaining the situation and then try to solve the problem together with creative ways to handle the situation. Check each variable separately to determine which points have the greatest impact and why. A lot of people do not like changing your habits in any way. If you alter many things at the same time, it is difficult to know what the changes are good or useful and which are rejected or shunned by customers. Was the increase in prices? Was the removal of the card for loyal customers? Was the donation to charity? Or was that another store opened near the business and many customers were not comfortable moving from place to start? Or was something else that began to negatively impact the customer experience? It would be hard hit with the correct answer. You have to admit when you make a mistake. Will there be state employees involved in the decision to raise prices? Maybe your attitude “bitter” is a reflection of the fact that they too seemed a good decision and customers are those who realize it instead of the owners.

With this I am not suggesting that prices can never be uploaded. Yes, be sure to also know what it looks like the competitive landscape. You may have to lower some costs in their business rather than increase prices. May end up leaving out of competition for yourself, because no matter what item is your business, your customers always have several options to choose from. Remember that your business exists because customers can (and want to) pay for what you offer. Without them, you need to find something else to do. So look, listen and learn, because it is much more expensive to bring them back once they are gone. A cafe is opening down the street, and I wonder if I will meet with many familiar faces there.

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