Asking Questions

as I have no legal papers to work in this country, I got the job, my husband is in the same situation. I try to upload my energies, this year has been very difficult in the United States for the crisis we are closed from the company where we worked, then try to open a business in which profits and decided I was never close and now I could not find work, I try not to be angry, desperate and others, because I have to help my husband, then a bit discouraged, tell me what else I can do to get out of this hole Help me please!. Response a; Hi, thanks for your mail here is my answer: I think you feel very sad, your words denote sadness and helplessness and that only attracts more of the same. Also, pretend you are happy will not help in this case as happiness and hope are in the top of the scale while the sadness and helplessness are absolutely opuesto.Lo pole if you can do is start raising your vibrations slowly and for this I recommend you perform the following actions / exercises: Take a few days if needed to feel every emotion, realize if you really the feeling is better because that means that if you raise your vibrations..

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