BAC Infrastructure Fund: Protection From Inflation And Loss Of Substance

Mobile phone masts offer distinct advantage over conventional assets such as ships and gold is growing for many investors in the face of rapidly growing debts the fear of inflation. g through. If you would like to know more then you should visit Rob Daley. Rightly, because to cope with the individual euro countries, such as in particular by Greece’s debt crisis, higher inflation is the great hope of the States often, as it reduces the actual debt burden. Investments therefore the protection faces the creeping inflation far forward on the request list of investors. Inflation protection should play a major role in the investment decisions. Because already a low inflation of only one percent causes long term assets significantly losing value. Inflation rates by two or three percent are still far more painful”, explains Oliver Schulz, Managing Director of the BAC Berlin Atlantic capital.

To give an example: with annual inflation of three percent, the purchasing power of 10,000 euros after only five years has decreased to 8.626 euros, after ten years she is on 7,441 Euro dropped more than a quarter of the value of money was destroyed by inflation. Escape to prevent the loss of value,”more and more investors in property. “However, though property a value in itself”, which is not always useful. The price of gold, for example, is subject to considerable fluctuations: most recently he has sharply although, between 1980 and 2000, but he lost nearly 70 percent of its value. In addition, gold has the disadvantage that the investor receives no current yield.

Solar equipment, ships and aircraft are generally also considered property. But remember these goods, they are subject to a loss of substance a freighter approaching the battered after 20 years, a solar system is technically outdated after two decades with regard to efficiency. The escape in tangible assets is still useful for proper selection. The range of investment opportunities is by far not limited to the usual suspects ‘. Cell phone towers offer a clear advantage as real value: there is a simple “Steel construction is, lose they forth neither technically nor by the substance of value”, as Schulz, who leads the group in the United States the mobile phone mast business of Berlin Atlantic. The mast is robust and easy to care for, he had painted only once every eight years and mowed the lawn of at the stand area. Technical innovations of the antennas, as well as their maintenance would be whether the tenants credit strong mobile phone companies such as Verizon Wireless, AT & T and T-Mobile United States and therefore did not go to the detriment of the mobile radio mast operator. Cell phone towers in the United States in addition to the inflation protection offer more advantages to investors. The explosion in the volume of data in the mobile phone masts is the U.S. mobile wireless infrastructure of one of the most attractive growth markets in the world. With the infrastructure fund of the BAC investors benefit exclusively from this growth market, with inflation protection through annual increases, rental monopoly and long-term leases, as well as a transparent business model the best conditions for an attractive, lucrative, and creates sustainable investment. More information under:

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