Bank Loan

Bank of Moscow – one of the few banks that engage in mortgage without a down payment. The rest of the mortgage Bank of Moscow is not much different from many mortgage programs at other banks. Terms of the mortgage to the Bank of Moscow obtaining a mortgage loan with the Bank of Moscow, you must be a citizen of Russia, and your age must be at least 21 years and not more than 55 years (60 women). Also, you should be able to prove your income for the last 6 months certificate in the form of 2-PIT, or a certificate in the form of the bank. Mortgage Bank of Moscow is divided into several programs, including loans to purchase housing on the secondary market, the credit for the purchase of real estate under construction, a loan against available real estate and refinancing mortgages. The maximum term of mortgage lending at the Bank of Moscow – 25 years. Mortgage Bank of Moscow, notable for the fact that you can get a mortgage, not only rubles, dollars or euros, and Swiss francs and Japanese yenami, which significantly reduces the interest rate. If the interest rate on mortgage loans in rubles and U.S.

ranges from 10% to 15%, get a loan in yen can be even at 6.5% per annum. Mortgage Bank of Moscow, step by step or Visit the office of the bank – you'll get much more information on the mortgage of the Bank of Moscow. Collect the documents and submit a request for a mortgage loan Bank of Moscow. After receiving a positive decision you need to find housing and provide relevant documents to the bank. Next you need to assess the accommodation purchased by a professional appraiser. Remains insure their lives, disability, real estate, as well as risks of loss of ownership of this property. Mortgage Bank of Moscow: your cost before getting a mortgage loan with the Bank of Moscow, you will have to to invest in his own life insurance and real estate acquired on loan fees (1% of the amount, but not more than $ 1,000) and, if necessary, the safe deposit box rental (around $ 50). In addition, you need the help of an independent appraiser of real estate (2,000 rubles).

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