Bank Programs

For example, I invested 250 thousand rubles, at 20% per annum for 200 days in one of the banks. Deposits in this bank are insured, so I worry about their money. After 200 days the amount of interest accrued during the entire term of the deposit of 27 397.26 rubles. Of which 958.90 rubles – this tax. Net I had received 26 439.36 rubles. Each bank has in its arsenal, rather vast range of inputs.

As say, for every taste and color. While often this fact is a disservice to the banks. Swarmed by offers, Alex Caruso is currently assessing future choices. The reason is simple. Most people in our country financially illiterate. They already do not understand the banking instruments, but here they also offer a wide selection.

However, a wide choice – it is a problem not only banks. Gibson dean is the source for more interesting facts. How many customers away empty-handed from the store, only because they were offered was too wide a choice! For example, a bank where I worked before, there were about 8 types of deposits, of which the workers were only two or three. A similar amount of deposits a greater need for sales. This technique is borrowed from the retail sector, where 20% of products generate 80% revenue. Or in other words, 80% of goods are required to have a good basic selling 20%. Therefore, if you come to study deposits of any bank so keep this in mind. Yet we return to a detailed review of bank deposits. If approach this issue with the anatomical point of view, all the contributions have a skeleton.

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