Bank Raquel

Suddenly the house, the economic assets were protected by a Bank Raquel available once it is out of the coma, or until Aissa fulfill the majority, any situation that was presented first, for one more family members having no Aissa was sent to an orphanage. Aissa was alone and very sad by his grandfather for Rachel, I miss them, missed them and the worst is calling to ask about the hospital and the answer was the same: “remained in a coma.” Now he was sharing everything, bed, bath, there were many girls in this orphanage and felt strange, desperate, he saw some girls were particularly aggressive Hermelyn one was called, made life impossible for Aissa, others indifferent. There was a girl Felly call 11 years and which immediately sympathized with her, Felly was an orphan had arrived just two weeks ago there. Aissa began to call on his cell phone to two of his best friends from school to help her out of there, telling them that this would be the best gifts she would receive, Edward and Wing Wony once was happy and scared but willing to help, especially in matter of weeks could meet its 11 years of age., and that gift Aissa asked had become a promise Aissa them and asked them to help you out of there as a gift. ON THE PLANET HERCOLUS Shaida was seeing the universe through a big window, everything was different to the planet earth, then everything was electronic, the predominant colors were gold, green, purple, blue, and silver, clothes, all the houses were very close, there were large green gardens, the butterflies were brightly colored and there were birds everywhere, the plants were green and the flowers were in its best, food is based on seeds of different taste and odor, they were put in electronics and in a few seconds were transformed into delicious food, the water was bottled in large refrigerators in tubes of different sizes.

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