Bank Supervision

It’s so surely, future regular carrying out of stress tests will ensure greater control over the activity of the sector by limiting excessive risk taking. Despite this, I believe that it is not less says what Roubini. In the future, must work in make an instrument of measurement of the fortress Bank stress tests more sensitive as possible so that it can offer to maximize your results in a realistic manner. I believe that the realization and publication of stress tests is a breakthrough in the supervision of the US banking sector. Still much to be done both in terms of regulating and monitoring. We must remember that even not has exited the crisis and that he must work on restore the system of regulation and supervision not to make the mistakes that led him to allow the development of this crisis. I also think a positive signal that the holder of the Fed, Ben Bernanke, recognizes that the supervision of the financial system should be strengthened to prevent the occurrence of crises in the future.

Reform in the regulation and supervision of the system American financier is the next challenge that authorities have. But not only is the challenge of the United States, but of the global economy, thereby, the process of reform in the United States may not be isolated from the rest of the financial markets reform process. Can you move forward towards a regulation and supervision of the comprehensive financial system globally? Without a doubt it is a pretty ambitious goal.

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