We have to admit that the banks do not pay enough attention to their agents to receive payments, but because it is often their agents and call centers are the only thing that customers see, and it is for them, they form their view is not only about this particular bank, but also about the banking system in general. That's where, and there is the view that all banks are identical, and most of them to consider its existence – to rob people. Practice shows that to break such an opinion once scalded client – back-breaking labor, and lost for the banking customer, it becomes forever. Mistake number 3 Deviation from the schedule of loan repayment is no accident when you make a personal loan banks actively use the annuity method of repayment. This method of payment means by are making payments on a loan equal to the size of payments at regular intervals. Use of this payment scheme relieves the borrower from having to calculate the next payment and allows some assess their debts to the bank. Usually, banks either in the contract or annex thereto is a schedule of payments on the loan, which shows the date and size of the next payment. In our case, the schedule was posted directly to the loan agreement, which was a table with the distribution of payments between the amount of accrued interest, the body of the loan and the various commissions. Dear customers, do not be lazy to study graph payments, sometimes it is the exact words of girls from the call center, especially since the agreement – a document, a telephone and the words – it's just words.

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