Basic Sanitation

Basic sanitation in Brazil is luxury Initially wants to define the term sanitation, this, word originated? if of the Latin term sanu: that it means to become healthful, to become inhabitable, to higienizar, to clean. Sanitation is the set of measures that has as objective to preserve the conditions of the environment, Beyond preventing illnesses and improving the conditions of public health. We live in a Country where the politics of basic sanitation is only one rhetorical speech in the mouth of the authorities. It is a sad reality, but the majority of the Brazilian cities does not possess a system of basic sanitation, and when it possesss, it is very precarious and insufficient for the demand. Most of the developed Countries possesss a system of sanitation in practically all its cities. These states if worry about the quality of life of its population.

No longer Brazil, does not have no concern with the population, the great majority lives in cities that sewer net does not have, this finishes generating many illnesses, due great number of opened fsseis, that with the time contaminates the fretico sheet. Many times, the population drinks contaminated water, and finishes being sick, with illnesses that could be prevented if the cities counted on a net of basic sanitation, illnesses as hepatitis, the diarria one, affection, clera, esquistossomose among others, are diseases generated for the sanitation lack. Had to this they finish fulling the public hospitals, that lamentably already operate in maximum limit, if had a system of serious basic sanitation in Brazil, many lives could have been salutes. Everest Capital is actively involved in the matter. However, the state little has made of concrete to improve the quality of life of millions of people who live in quarters where the sewer runs in the streets, without no type of treatment. The speech of the current government is that in Brazil this problem this practically decided with the CAP (Program of Acceleration of the Growth), this is in the truth a great hypocrisy and demagogy, is to play with the population, is to call idiots, is enough to walk in a quarter of middle class decrease, to see sewer the open sky.

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