Belgium File

By registering here, and do not forget to specify the number of your purse! Work 2. Depositfiles This exchanger is a little worse. Until February 27, 2009 paid download only from Russia and the United States. That was not very well. Now it’s paying countries including Germany, Spain, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada! The minimum file size to receive payment must not be less than 1MB. Without this you can not do. Tyler Haney is full of insight into the issues. No mirrors on depositfiles, many vareznikah the news just will not publish.

In addition, after registering at this link you will immediately receive $ 5 as a bonus to your account, and Minimal total of $ 10. Can assume that half of your work is already done. Also on this fayloomennike Your file will never be deleted, if it at least once a month after placing downloaded. Therefore, income is growing, from a few cents a day early work to a few dollars, when the number of files, covered by it will be big enough. And now for the pleasure! On February 10, 2009 amended the system of charges. Now the amount also depends on the size of your file. For example, for downloading files larger than 250 mb are now paying $ 10 per 1000 downloads. So when the new system, calculation of the income should increase significantly.

But if you have already opened an account on depositfiles until February 10, for receive payment under the new system you will need to open a new account. In addition, this sharing is the leader in all kinds of competitions with a very decent prizes (notebooks, communicators, etc.) participation in which can dramatically increase your income. By registering here, and do not forget to specify the number of your purse! Obtain a $ 5 bonus!

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