Belief Management – The Missing Ingredient ?

"Joan, I am working very hard and I see nothing done!" I have heard some version of this cry of frustration by many an entrepreneur. It is a common complaint voiced by those of use who sought the freedom to have complete authority over our programs, only to find ourselves unwittingly shackled by old ways of operating. Not seem to matter that we are independent professionals or business owners, we live in a world shaped by the rules of business life. Most of us came from jobs and daily schedules that dictated what to do and how to spend our time. Be something like the long-term prisoner have very used to the daily regimen. We were told to start work, lunch, take breaks and leave for the day. Managers, customers, and operation manuals told us what to do and when.

So we went on our own, after having dreamed of freedom, only to begin to fill our days with the occupation state Panic at the outset. We have no idea how to do otherwise. Not seem to matter how long they have been out on their own. It's so hard to break habits and beliefs when they become outdated financial success. Why? For all that way to his success, we now believe – or certainly not worry – it's the only way. We are afraid to let go and try something new. Why? Perhaps because the beliefs have been making decisions all the time. And I'm not talking about beliefs based on trust, faith, passion and prosperity! Consider the following beliefs: 1. I am easily distracted 2.

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