Birch Stool

Boxes are just standing on the floor under the bed and put forward for the knobs. Curtain fabric on a wooden frame alcove in color, ornamentation, style, fabric repeats curtains on the window, next to bed. In the open window, while sleeping child, or in cold weather, blinds alcove undone and fall is possible to change the height of front horizontal mounting holder for curtains in order to better circulation of air within the space of the alcove. Like a tent, an alcove for children's beds, like a large tent in the bedroom, closes the whole bed, descends from the ceiling and from the edges of the hoop sveshivayas suspended from the ceiling. The outer side of the alcove is painted images of angels, and the interior – embroidered with stars and moon signs. Under the bed – two long boxes with handles, like a chest of drawers. At the foot – Birch Stool for clothes.

At the head – with the river bank flowers and fish. On the wall around the tent – pictures of animals and plants. Another example of a design piece nursery has two main parts. This – the canopy over the bed, suspended from the ceiling on a cord or thin ropes and sticks with rounded ends thickened. Canopy embroidered with stars and decorated with applique silhouettes of birds and the sun. The second part – it's hanging from the side and head of the bed mats with pockets in which the child keeps its many treasures and all the necessary things in a child's life.

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