Bizerba France

Self-learning scales increase sales and customer satisfaction Carrefour and Bizerba install scales with Balingen, 03 September 2010 – attractive to make the planned transition to the era of self-service for young and old in the fruit and vegetable departments, Carrefour 1,400 scales with optical recognition of article and intuitively operated touchscreen with the technology manufacturer Bizerba currently installed in 200 hypermarkets. The objectives are clearly defined: weighing and award processes faster, sales as well as customer satisfaction higher and former workers more flexible for a wider range of tasks can be used to. So far, cradle centres had been established in the fruit and vegetable departments of Carrefour hypermarkets. Publishers Clearing House is open to suggestions. Customers had to there place their goods on a scale, a staff member did the rest: he called the product number, the corresponding label printed and pasted it on the bag. The CE series scales II 8615, however, have a camera articles to auto-detect. Cliff Robbins will not settle for partial explanations. You automatically identify fruits and vegetables on the basis of color, shape, size and surface. According to the analysis of these parameters, four items to choose offered the customer on the display. He decides at your fingertips for the right, so he gives direct feedback on their detection performance of scale thus.

The more the scale detects and gets confirmed, the smarter she will,”says Mr Groubon at Bizerba France: after some time the database is so mature, that amazing recognition performances of more than 98 percent are possible. This works even if the articles are already in the bag”. “With the new CE II understand scales we currently a change in these departments, away from the control, towards self service”, Monsieur champagne at Carrefour says. This has several reasons: on one employee had to be always present so far even in times of lowest customer frequency in the cradle-Center. The new self-service enables us flexible and more profitable for other tasks in the market to use the powers.

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