Black Mirror

The situation in the bank (water energy – the energy of the banking activities) to be materially different from registration hairdresser (Energy wood). Black desks several reaction times and impairs attention. Wooden tables lighter colors create a feeling of security and growth potential. Square and rectangular tables symbolizes the support of the Earth. Circular and semicircular best suited for those engaged in creative work. Need to avoid sources of light located directly above your head and hang shelves or any other items overhanging or sticking out of the workplace.

Here are some examples showing the shortcomings arising in the workplace design. a very important part of our home because of what seems makes it to the inbox, everything depends on the impression of a house as a whole. Including his hosts. This is especially important for those who love to receive guests or for those places where a lot of visitors. And for the owners themselves are no less important, in fact may depend on the mood of the day. Hallway, near the front door which is worth a dozen pairs of shoes and an open hanger hanging lots of clothes in the corner there is a vacuum cleaner or cat litter, you will agree, does not produce good impression on visitors and delight residents themselves. The hall is particularly important to have a convenient and compact cabinet for clothes and shoes. Desirable to have a large mirror, which should fully reflect each family member. Built-in closet with mirror doors, made specifically for your hallway – an ideal option.

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