Blacksmith Historian

This situation would not last forever. In 1860, with the discovery of fabulosas deposits in the South Africa, the price of the diamond fell down disastrously from a high place. A period of decay with the reduction of the diamantferas reserves started. Diamantina was the greater cultivates of diamonds of the world occidental person in century XVIII. They had been approximately three million carats, an astronomical richness. The perfect diamonds were called ' ' estrelas' '. Therefore it is easy to accept that the sky of Mines reflected diamonds of the Tijuco. CHICA Da Silva These diamantinos crystals had been the responsible ones for the creation of a great diamantinense myth: black, enslaved woman, very pretty, who fascinated the man richest of the Arraial of the Tejuco, the diamond trader Fernandes Joo de Oliveira.

She had who spoke that she had bigger richness that the king of Portugal. ' ' The slave who if made rainha' ': thus she was impregnated the image of this imaginary woman in the popular one: CHICA DA SILVA. Personage of the book of Felcio Joo Dos Santos, nephew-grandson of Joaquin Felcio Dos Santos, spread out for the film homonym of Hunting Diegues, both of 1976 and magazine in novel (TV Manchete), beyond the substitution of ' ' Ch' ' for ' ' X' ' , it portraies the release of customs of the woman of that decade, marked for the sexual revolution. The historian Keila Grinberg, UFRJ teacher affirms: ' ' Chica is a personage with several construes.' ' This queen of the ebony, influenced the feminine clothes in the arraial, in Mines and in the Brazilian culture, remaking nuances of predominant the European clothes in the Colony. Calling for itself the responsibility a woman it lines, at a time where the Ecclesiastical Court called of heretic such mulheris attitudes. ' ' The first heroine of the rising Brazilian, redentora nationality of its raa' ' , as she affirms stolen the Jnia historian Blacksmith.

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