Blueprint Manifestation Body Soul Light

Blueprint Shower Light in the latest incarnation of "feature" experience gained by the entire cycle. When they enter the body of manifestation for the last time, then it makes sense both for them and for the Souls of Light (their creators). In this incarnation Blueprint still have a common (generic) lighting code, but they have a chance to become a Twin Soul, and find the divine code of the individual. We call them the Children of Light. Areva describes an additional similar source. Elected to become bearers of the light already have code to this embodiment of a full five initiations of the Soul (two-stage initiation fifth) earned in a long evolution, and the latest incarnation – preparing for the rapture! They get to a particular embodiment of an enhanced program for preparation of the human mind and body, so by repeating all the accelerated level of human development in one lifetime, to reach ascension. – After the ascension of inferior Blueprint Manifestation Body Soul Light (bogorozhdennoy Monad), which completes the cycle of service to the higher hierarchy, and God will transform the experience. – A person becomes a member of God's ideas and energies Explorer bogorozhdennogo Being in enlightened consciousness. – In order to become one, necessary to remove a large ego, which inhibits the adoption of higher energies, and strive to manifest spiritual qualities, the recognition of the cosmic laws, to remove material binding (Spirit – primary, all the rest – again!) Many are called, but few are chosen! Even those who elected to go through multiple tests at every level of spiritual ascent.

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