Bowl Amulets

They spent a few days one night I read one of my old comics X-Men Comics, where there are people with mutant abilities of payment). In the episode that I have read, there was a new hero who made his appearance. It was a mutant who had the ability to always get good luck, whatever happens. Someone fired, the bullet back him. He was trapped and suddenly produced a revolt by prisoners, leaving him the opportunity to escape. And so on we could say that this superhero had good luck on their side. But the author of this episode saw otherwise.

Through this super hero, he expounded their points of view. Thinking about it well, it seems that the luck factor is a completely contradictory concept. A bit like the Yin and the Yan. It is true that if a poor man wins the lottery, is considered lucky. The opposite also works. Can it be said that someone has bad luck because one leg was broken when he had the good luck of having it in perfect condition two seconds before? A Bowl will never break a leg can we say then that you have more luck than us in this regard, because it will never have the misfortune to break his leg? In each case of bad luck, we must recognize that it occurs because just before that situation we had good luck with us.

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