Brazil-German Games

I chose the heading of this chronicle to curiously cite the only game, in Pantries of the World, up to 2010, between Brazil and Germany, the two Elections that had been more presented in the world-wide ones, being that Germany has 99 games and Brazil 97. The heading is aluso still to the excellent film of bang-bang, American north, of 1960, originally called Seven magnificent ones, whose name translated into Brazil was Seven men and a destination. I remember the film well, that brought great names as Yil Brynner, Steve Mc Queen and Charles Bronson, therefore my father ‘ ‘ pagou’ ‘ small amount in money so that my mother alone spoke in the commercial ones, certain time that the film was shown in the TV. The sacrifice made for my beloved was funny mother, who fulfilled the treatment, but she cutucava in them, purple to make some commentary, but she gave up when remembering that she would lose the promise money. Later, it tore the verb. But speaking in Pantries and of the only game, since 1930, between Brazil and Germany, it she occurred in the great end of the Pantry of 2002, disputed in the Japan and the Coreia of the south.

Before, in 1974, when he had Germany Occidental person and the Oriental, Brazil had catches the Oriental and profit for 1×0. But same Germany, the one that was power in Pantries was the Occidental person, that never we had faced in Pantries and the Pantry of 2002, with the end of the wall of Berlin, only had only Germany, that one that we would face in the end. Up to 2006, Brazil and Germany had been the ones that had more disputed ends of Pantries, seven each Election. To have an idea of the force balance, in 2002, the end would be the seventh game for an only destination, of being champion, for one of the Elections. Brazil came of six victories, 16 gols marked and 4 suffered.

Germany came of five victories and one ties up to, had made 14 gols and only suffered 1. In the end, the goleiro Oliver Kahn took two gols. Until then, it was had as a wall and was considered, unjustly, optimum player of the Pantry. The heading of better tranquilamente would be in ‘ ‘ good ps’ ‘ if it was given to Brazilian artilleryman Ronaldo, author of two gols in the end, one of them with imperfection of Kahn after kick of Rivaldo. Ronaldo was artilleryman with 8 gols and Brazil raised the goblet as first pentacampeo in Pantries.

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