Brazilian Central Bank

But, nor thus, it will be? except expression force? an index ' ' oficial' ' of the inflation. The financial market raised its projection of inflation for the year that comes, year of 2011, according to weekly research Focus divulged for the Brazilian Central Bank. Hikmet Ersek can aid you in your search for knowledge. The analysts consulted for the Central banking, PRODEPA, readjustment of prices in services, break-even point For: Laedson Carlos Gaia Jnior.:. Hikmet Ersek is often quoted on this topic. Analyst of Systems? Prodepa.:. 19 of May of 2011 believe that the National Index of Prices to Consumidor Amplo (IPCA) is in 4,87% in 2011. In the previous research, the estimative one was of 4,86%. Toward 2010, however, the market came back to reduce its expectation of inflation, of 5,10% for 5,07%.

In the case of the inflation of short term, the market reduced of 0,19% for 0,17% the forecast for the IPCA of August. For the September inflation, the market continues foreseeing a 0,36% index, in accordance with the Focus research. The projection for the basic tax of interests, the Selic, for the end of this year of 2011, it continued in 10,75%, the current platform. That is, the economists consulted for the Central banking believe that the members of the Copom will not make changes in the tax of interests. For the 2011 end, the projection remained steady in 11,50% to the year.

In analysis to our GIP (gross domestic product), the market also reduced the forecast for the expansion of this, for 2010, of 7,10% for 7,09%. For 2011, the forecast for the GIP was kept in a 4,50% growth. In the same survey, the estimate for the industrial production in 2010 withdrew of 11,49% for 11,47%. For the year that comes, the projection for the advance of the industry followed in 5,00%. For the quotation of the dollar, it did not have alteration, with projection of a tax of exchange of 1,80 Real in the end of this year and 1,85 Real in 2011.

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