Bretton Wood

Stock markets are thus same. This for the fall until we can here consider one of the worse ones, but with a characteristic, the speed of the descending. Detail: In none of these cited others had the appreciation of the assets as now. Greater the twig, greater the tumble. 2-) Bretton Wood was convoked in function of the experience of 29 and of estragos that II the war was causing, in the end already, but the world needing to clean rubbles. If to analyze the paper of the G-20 and G 7, they are analogous a new Bretton incipient Woods.

The countries argue mechanisms of combat to the sistmico, characteristic problem of the globalization and the hardwired and quick world. They can until nominating a new conference to argue the world-wide economy, but this already occurs in coordinate and competent way until here. 3-) It is strong the trend of an increase of the regulation and changes in the rules of stock markets, deep, derivative, financial and banking system, but delay some time the result. I do not say years here, nor months, but many days. One of the premises remembers is the speed. The movement and the liquidity of support that the BCs give to the market are agile and fast, still well. 4-) We had the call ' ' Baby Boom' ' of the decade of 50 and 60, direct of the changes after war, also technological consequence and the advent of the communication. Prosperity total, then basically came the crisis of the oil in the decade of the 70 and inflationary movements in almost all the countries, caused for the same prosperity. Here in Brazil it was a little different, therefore we try in the decade of 70, average economic growth of more than 9%, as it is China today, the call economic miracle. Later the tried periods of critical inflation in the decade of 80.

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