Broker – Friend Or Foe ?

Each year an increasing number of bank customers, borrowers enjoy a variety of services. Assistance in obtaining a loan – one of the most common services such as broker – is the connecting link between the bank and client, on whose shoulders lie the responsibility for many operations. The hotel brokers have resorted both physical and legal persons who have taken loans for the purpose to carry out a car, get a mortgage on an apartment or receive funds for any other purpose. Most often, a potential borrower is drawn to the services of a third party – broker for advice or other services such as: search for the optimal banking proposals, collecting and preparing all necessary documents for transactions with the bank, monitoring the financial services market and much more. However, the most common agent is required to solve the mortgage issues. For all the seeming monotony and similarity of mortgage banking programs, the differences between the proposals of the banks as there are many who, however, invisible in a shallow analysis. To understand all the intricacies of credit from a particular bank will be able to itself the borrower, the only question is how much time and effort it would take him. For example, the mortgage – giving credit for the purchase of housing, requires the borrower of remarkable patience when loan processing.

How much time is spent just to collect the necessary documents in different instances! In order to facilitate the task of the borrower and provide their services for brokers. Unimaginable number of "pitfalls" mortgage lending, which has repeatedly faced an inexperienced borrower, a broker with the ability to bypasses, as he was fully aware of all zakovyrkah. In a comprehensive service, which increasingly provide brokers, includes a choice of numerous bank offers a man who will satisfy the customer, the formation of credit file and send it to the selected bank, making the necessary package of documents on the property. Further, the broker undertakes representation of a client with an estimated or insurance company, and at the bank when signing the loan agreement. Professional activities broker is good not only for the broker, but also for his client, and even the bank. For the latter benefit is to provide brokers "quality" clients-borrowers. The client by working with the bank's brokers offers some discounts, for example, the abolition of fees for the introduction and maintenance accounts. Therefore, to use the services of a broker or not – a personal decision, but the benefits from cooperation with them, as they say, "on person ".

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