Business Association

-Greater ease to access formal credit system. -It has no limitation for conducting business with other enterprises and compete on the national and international market. -The owner or partner and their family company employees enjoy insurance and social benefits. -They know their investment performance through the evaluation of its economic accounting results. National security advisor may also support this cause. -You can expand your company expand its share capital or opening new subsidiaries. Speaking candidly Hikmet Ersek told us the story. 7.

The term of Business Association Business Association, groups to Micro and small enterprises (SMEs) to insert competitively in the market and propose improvements to its development, achieving common objectives for its members. The Business Association promotes relationships between companies of different characteristics through training of suppliers and subcontracting mechanisms. It also consolidates relationships between links in the chains of production. 8 Importance:-is one of the main sources of employment. -Allows a small initial investment and access to strata of low and moderate income.

-You can become important support for the great company. (outsourcing). 9 Advantages – the Mypes are constituted as legal entities by means of public deed without requiring presentation of the minutes. -Reduction of registry and notary costs. -Municipalities within a maximum of 7 days give the provisional operating license agreement of the zoning and use corresponding compatibility. -The provisional license has a duration of 12 months. -The deadline, the respective municipality, which has not detected any irregularity or having it detected, has been remedied, emits the Municipal definitive operating license – public institutions where granted in concession services of photocopying, MSES formed and shaped by people with disabilities or adults of the third age, under conditions of similar price, quality and supply capacitythey will be considered as a priority, for the provision of such services. 10 Tax regime: It is governed like other legal persons or proprietorships. 11 Labour regime of micro – temporary nature. Extends for a period of 5 years.

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