Business Idea – Own Smokehouse

The idea of business – own smokehouse My name is Alexander. It began when I arrived with friends in a nearby town. We sat and drank beer and smoked fish. They began telling each other who both make money. I told him that all my business online, one of them.

Asked, well, what you do with this internet business you have. Total U.S. $ 100-150 per month. They looked at each other and with a smile – you throw a bad job. Turn to your best in town with fish.

And not just any fish, but smoked. Word for word, and I realized that this business is that it is necessary. The whole business, then – take a ride on the lakes, which are around enough to buy on the cheap fish from the fishermen, to bring, soot and razvezti shopping. Then just bypass stores and collect money. I thought that there would be problems with the sale. Not far from it. The fish are literally torn from his hands. They came home, asked to bring more. In short, I was shocked. We have a small town – 30 thousand population. Fish are caught year-round, not one, so different. And for some reason to me that nobody had ever done. Hosts stores drove smoked fish from the regional center, and it has cost us dearly. But the main income went to pub and cafe where they sell beer. This is the essence of the business ideas that I would like to invite you to shop: For example, peled. Buy it from the fishermen of 100 m. (20 rubles) per kg. Smoked and sold for 250 tenge (50 rubles) per kg. Well, how? Carp. Buy 130 tenge (26 rubles), sell 300 tenge (60 rubles) Is there smoked fish by the piece 25 m. (5 rubles) for fish, no matter what. And do not take one hundred. Here is truly a gold mine. When buying at a low price for fishermen dace, peled, bream, etc. income up to 500 percent. Not bad, huh? . Who can say that to the web easily earn that kind of money, I do not believe it. Now the fish I bring home, hired an unemployed neighbor to smoke fish. Building more capital smokehouse. I drive the fish into neighboring towns. Yes, and began to smoke in a simple barrel. I plan to hire its crew of fishermen, and not just one.

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