Business Management

Retif offers its customers everything you need to setup your business shop: supplies, furniture, decor and more. Get closer to our facilities in Seville, Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Asturias and rest of Spain and finds those products that most suit the needs and budget available for the installation of your shop or trade, is of a type that is. We have all kinds of furniture store, and it is that you among our offer are gondola, panels slat panels, exhibitors, counters, showcases, shelves of occasion, coat racks, busts, mannequins and much more. In addition we also have wonderful elements of decoration for shops and which will give the necessary special touch to your store. We have theming for different dates and events of the year such as Christmas, spring, Valentine, events as the Olympics and more through stores Retif, merchants have access to a multitude of supplies for trades at the lowest price, and it is that we have cheap custom bags, paper bags and plastic for tents, wrapping or gift paper, plastic bubble, labels, ribbons and envelopes gift, and a long list of articles that will help you to generate value added towards your customers. We also have common spare parts of certain businesses such as textiles which will need hangers, clothes hangers, mannequins, busts, labels and labelers or posters of rebates. Attending one of the many establishments, dedicated to furniture for shops, and that Retif puts at your disposal, you will have opportunity to bring you everything you need to achieve a functional and cost-effective store installation. In addition our stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Alicante, Valencia, Valladolid, A Coruna, Santander, Vigo, Gijon and Oviedo, to get the best professional advice when choosing furniture or items such as mannequins or most appropriate busts for the exhibition of the items in your business..

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