Business Profitable

The same time is a challenge in our lives and those who dominate it are teachers or owners thereof and of their lives. What is one of the big differences between us and the world’s richest men? The administration of the time, but from the perspective of productivity. I have enough time for anything and I do the same work that could be done in 6 hours or less in 8 hours. In the profitable business and also for those who work from home, time management is essential because not only once we found colleagues who did not have time nor for enough sleep. But you if you work 8 hours on 6, win 2 hours to spend time with your family or spend extra time to further your education.

So you can save time and be more productive: when you work off your phone point. The phone takes your one hour of work. Don’t get to read the e-mail as a message to reach you because take you half of the work day. Get 30 minutes a day (in the afternoon) to respond to emails that they reach you. For This, prepara a car transponder for each of the email accounts you have, which report you’re going to reply emails, every day to the 16.30.

So anyone expected your answer immediately. Turn off chat services. Skype, Messenger, Buz, and all applications that can interrupt you work. Facebook, Twitter, and any social network we are indispensable but can also take away the working efficiency with the time that we spend them. You can start to post something on Facebook and not stop 3 hours. This is waste of time. Spend 10 minutes each day at the time that your choose. Unplanned outages as your Secretary, or your colleagues that invite you to drink a coffee or talk about the new partner or co-worker. This can avoid sawing the door Office or room where you work. If it is not possible in each trap answers short and that the other person understands well that they occupied. Take breaks. If Thomas a rest every 60 minutes of work your body and your mind will prepare for another 60 minutes of work. If not your efficiency will drop quickly and you will lose time. Get up and walk 5 minutes every hour. It takes water. Hydration helps the neural connections and psychic effort will be reduced. In addition, hydration gives you a feeling of comfort, that will help you in the work you are doing. When reading emails you can also return the phone calls you received and perform more than one task at the same time. For a few profitable businesses, these are major outages that we face and if we know master them win besides time, greater efficiency in our work, which translates into more time free for the family or the activities that make us happy.

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