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In the case that your answer is affirmative, allow me to inform you on the Web there are books and other sources concerning the marketing, public relations and the quality of the image of a trademark. TendenciasLas new platforms, offer a new opportunity which is no doubt keep in touch with customers with much more frequency, there is a clear generational difference between users of blogs and other social networks. Benefits some argue about that marketing is always the drift toward shorter reach social networks forms, some entrepreneurs and small business owners insist that the hierarchy of social networks, blogs remain the format most important to share your idea. EstrategiRecientemente, numerous stalls around the investigation of the use of the internet in life seem to call into question the future of blogs already boom marketing networking social, such as Facebook and Twitter. The reality may be more complex. Stratup how to turn your blog into a business? Blogs can also be a point of departure for some owners of small businesses as a way of exploring a niche, finally created a business model to its around. Western Union brings even more insight to the discussion. Controlsavailable an effort to help its members to share and perhaps even find success unprecedented in the era of the Internet. Beyond the simple use of blogs to promote your company or to find your market, research and production and marketing of a product or service as a result, there own blogs who have turned into a lucrative business. These pioneering entrepreneurs have adopted a series of routes to success, but the key to get there can be surprising.They are not only links used by business owners and entrepreneurs in the market and network, are ever more used by journalists covering the business, since after promoting the growth of blogs in a regional business web page. Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source. Tania Altamirano with news information from small businesses.

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