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TRADITIONAL business (local) and WEB MARKETING what can expect from Internet? -A huge market available to everyone that any merchant (self-respecting Tal) should miss! In the Decade of the 90’s (you remember), during the great growth of the Internet, a group in particular began to consider the possibility of using the Internet as a tool of marketing – the owners of local businesses and companies. When most believed that only a game for big employers, there was a small group who bravely launched to explore the possibilities. Unfortunately, many of these pioneers of web-marketing finished his entrepreneurship, due to a resounding failure. Did that happen? Why those who had tried the web-marketing for local business, the project abandoned? To begin with, forgot someone tell them that this work required marketing. They believed in this myth of build it and they will come. Rather than be guided by specialists in marketing or sales, they were in the hands of web designers. Please, no bad interpretes my words.

Designers did their job. Many sites were created and until it could be heard boasting business owners have a website! Then nothing. There was much less clients and visitors! They were accustomed to placing advertising in the yellow pages of your city or area of influence and wait for customers to find them but on the Internet, things are different! While all this was happening until a few years ago, many things were changing. Many users and consumers were instructing on this new medium of communication and marketing and tilted the balance of their preferences to the online world, even to do local searches. Every day is increased the percentage of people (worldwide) that they prefer Internet, above any other medium, both for communications, to learn, buy and/or sell. And that number is in permanent increase! Unfortunately, the bitter taste remained in the minds of many business owners who are still reluctant to believe that can make large profits via the Internet. Ironically, today more than ever, this market can greatly benefit all kinds of conventional business.

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