Charlize Theron

The actress is now an Ambassador for peace Charlize Theron must not now just call a great actress but also a UN Ambassador for peace. Was passed this award at a ceremony on Friday. Not without reason the actress wants to engage Charlize Therone for more education in the fight against violence against women. When Charlize Theron was 15 years, her mother shot and killed her father, who was a heavy alcoholic and who also was repelled not afraid to beat his family. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said: “they use their voice, their strength and their reputation in the public to create a better world.” Actress Charlize Theron has been appointed to the Ambassador of peace by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The actress, born in South Africa, is one of 10 other stars who stand up for the United Nations, include George Clooney, who was honoured for his commitment to Darfur in January, or even Michael Dougles and Yo-Yo Ma. But only by working together, it is possible to create a better world.

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