Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology or 4 Pillars of Destiny came much later than Feng Shui – somewhere in the Middle Ages. Here, Rob Daley expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In Chinese it is called Bazi Suanmin. Why 4 Pillars? Since necessarily need to know the year. month, day and hour. As well as the entire Chinese metaphysics (Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy) Bazi is based on five types of energies (elements) such as fire, earth, metal, water and wood. While Feng Shui deals with landscape and exterior space, houses and apartments, a method of Bazi Suanmin reflects the personality of man. Along with Feng Shui, this system forms a prediction of one interconnected system, in which are recorded as Destiny – individual predisposition rights and general conditions of his environment.

With Bazi Suanmin possible to predict and interpret the character traits, strengths and weaknesses, as well as an innate human potential and its change over a lifetime. In traditional Chinese society, no marriage shall be entered into without prior consultation with a specialist on Bazi Suanmin, and even insurance companies check the astrological chart, consisting of 8 characters of their clients. Specialist Bazi Suanmin inter alia advises on various situations, for it necessarily apply when it comes to choosing the most suitable person to the profession, in making important decisions in your personal life or in business, as well as in the case of personal crisis. There is a legend that one day the heavenly emperor or the Buddha was invited to visit 12 different animals. Among them were the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar.

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